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It was that Catera knew the truth that Melissa dare not tell her. Her biological family is out there somewhere and Catera is determined to figure out who they are and what they're like. It's hard to win over Stevie's heart but even harder when a guy from Stevie's past comes along wanting to go against Zander. As life goes on for the young blond crazy things happen. Lizzy Jacobs was really good at baseball, so good she got a scholarship to Eden Hall Academy. Madoka thought she'd found everything she'd ever wanted in Ginkga. When Pitch lays down the gaunlet to take over the world, the Guardians must rise up against him with the help of Jack Frost. " Jack said, causing the rest of the gang to laugh. She knew it was just a joke, but it hurt her inside. Well that's just another thing to pile onto her crumbling facade."From hate to dislike, dislike to distrust, distrust to amusement, amusement to friendship, friendship to interest, interest to jealousy, jealousy to ..." The many bumps in the rocky relationship of Stella Yamada and Ray Beech. But this time, the malfunctioned bazooka causes mini and more honest forms of the guardians to appear! The journey of team seven and their comrades has begun. After meeting the Sand Siblings, Naruto goes home and finds a huge surprise waiting, how will he take it when he finds out he still has a family? Contains: descriptions on Donny and Mike in their human forms. But when she goes to high school and meets a certain hothead and his brothers, what will be the outcome? Rated fo violence and language and some romantic scenes. Back from her training trip/mission with Jiraiya, Naru & co. Supported with many allies, how would the outcome of the 10th of October be? Alex spent Christmas alone and was waiting for her five best friends to come to the cabin for some down time together. Auggie, fresh out of rehab, gets a new job as Tech Support at Trusted Translations where he meets Annie Walker, world traveller and translator. Big Macintosh and Twilight Sparkle realize that, all thanks to a little doll. Slight AU to part of "Faceless, Nameless" so, spoilers for that episode. Feelings and sexual tensions bloom as their friends struggle to bring the shinigami and the scythe meister together. What she gets is something entirly different, atleast once she meets th Warners. No one wants to get The Talk from their mother, least of all Kiba.

A Fem Naru/Kiba pairing, Good Fem Kyuubi, Full Summary inside. But what she knew was that's where her old teammates were. But when a friendly rival, worst then Bunnymund, appears, now the Guardians must watch two hot-headed teens. From college to Mesa HIATUS - Bunnyxoc, post movie. But Naruto himself is also hiding a secret too, he is really a she! She's his songwriter he's not supposed to have feelings for her. I suck at summary's so if you like Niall just read it! Hermione and Fred were never supposed to be together, she had a difficult and uncertain future already decided for her, but when they can't avoid how they feel for one another, they both get twisted into the same fate. They become best friends and their relationship moves on to romance. 20: Marry me COMPLETEShy twins Cleo and Tara both share a large secret; They're both anonymous yet very popular radio DJ's. also on FIMFiction & DAAs Esca dies, he remembers his greatest regret: losing Marcus without telling him everything. Benson frightened by this calls someone she hasn't seen or talked to in fifteen years. But when Iruka tells Kiba's mother that Kiba had been showing some aggression towards his classmates, Tsume knows it is time for The Talk with her son. A Fem Naruto has to leave Konoha for a while, so with no other place to go, she goes to the only family she has left, her cousin Tohru Honda, will she find the secret of the Sohma family?

It is time for the games to start, well at least game night. It is not just about them though, Wenlivia and Scott and Mo too! Due to a child hood friend, Tezuka Kunimitsu, requesting her to come back to tennis, she has become the manager of his tennis club, hoping she will get back to her normal self. Leanne wasn't completely sure how, or why, but she got transported to Thundera by the power of her grandmother's freaky red necklace. And when Tara starts to get to know Gabe more when his parents move in with hers, will not only friendship bloom, but love. The guy Tara had her eye on forever, and it been a month of them dating. She will either be the secret to victory or the key to defeat. Morning humor, with chance of afternoon mayhem and evening romance.

Will the new living arrangement bring them together, or ruinitall NEW UPDATES SUMMER 2014. Kyuzox OCFour students from the Pai Zhua temple have been chosen to defend the earth from the evil Dai Shi, Destiny is hiding more then one secret then just fighting against the evil that threatens the earth, but also the darkness within her own heart. Some violence, some language, some references to sex & general looniness.

On her journey she befriends a lone wolf and meets people she would rather see disappear. "The family's union has gotten stronger from this." Reborn spoke. Trust me, I completely get why girls are in love with him. But I can't be in love with him because he's my best friend. And yes, before any of you anti-Bethan people ready the story, it is boy x boy pairing. "I can't believe Mo chose me to be her Maid-of-Honor knowing that Scott was going to choose you as his best man."One year following the summer of AI Love Machine, OZ is better than ever. Realities mix as King Kazma joins forces with an enigmatic OZ avatar. Superboy is a teenaged boy with he starts falling for Robin but doesn't know it, will he get her or will he have to fight for her? When she get a kiss from someone she never saw coming, will her and Mick be no more? I need to talk to you." - When Haruhi is comforted by Hikaru on the anniversary of her mothers death, she finds herself feeling some things she doesn't quite understand. She doesn't know anything about Duncan's secret, and he's determined to keep it that way. He never really had minded being proven wrong, especially when it was to his benefit…

The farther she goes the more she realizes that the people she is with are not out to hurt or pity her. I smiled, I guess it has, I do feel closer to these guys. No matter how crappy her life got, Naruto always knew she could count on her friends. All it took was a random announcement about a random event and now all the girls are hyped up to kiss their favorite baseball star! I don't care what any of the boys think, they're crazy. Stella and Jo receive One Direction tickets for the graduation after a long, grueling senior year. Romance, intrigue, mystery, & Internet mayhem - koi koi! he isn't sure what he's feeling, he just knows it's towards her. A little holiday story to kick start December, Scotty spends the week leading up to Christmas with his family, the only problem is they think he has a girlfriend... Will Scotty be able to convince Lilly to play along, find out? When the threats of kaijuu attacks act up, will he be able to keep it all together, or will the the fire inside him unleash? Ariadne thought she would be overjoyed after successfully completing the Inception. Auggie Annie Akira cross-dresses as a boy and hides her true gender.

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The results and some answers in some questions of been changed since this quiz from Quizilla that I had made was kind of lame once it came to the results...)Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew: Nancy, Frank, Joe, George Put this on your page if you love Naruto! So many secrets and Naruto also has one of his own. But what happens when aa certain hot headed turtle falls for the assassin and vice versa. The story deals with the growing pains of the cast when they realized even Miesters and Weapons must eventual grow up. Kid POV Sx Mx KThe day Naruko Uzumaki was born she lost both her mother and father and became the Jinchuuriki for the nine tailed fox.Growing up she was mistreated and abused by the people of her village the one place she was supposed to call home, a place to feel loved and yet all she feels is hate and loneliness. Upon receiving the Digital World's fateful call, she questions her ideals and struggles against the inner demons that have made her into the damaged being she has become.All her life, 14-year-old Catera never felt at home. Traveling with the lone wolf, Kouji Minamoto, the leader, Takuya Kanbara, the flirt, Junpei Shibayama, the airhead, Izumi Orimoto, the youngest, Tomoki Himi, the bookworm, Bokomon and the dumbo, Neemon try to figure out what is going on with the world using legendary spirits. Anna is Tara and Audrey's best friend and is ex friends with Stacey. Gabe/OCAlternate Universe - Recluse Auggie Anderson works from home for a think tank. Since the creation of the Elements themselves, the bearers of Harmony have never found true happiness. Ethan's been chatting online with someone for months, and he doesn't know who it is, but he does know one thing: he likes them. DISCLAIMER: I do not own One Direction, Gotta Be You, Coach, Converse,or Aerosmith Tsuna thought things were back to normal. Now not only she try to start her new life as a girl and with a new threat approaching. Fem27 X ALLNarumi Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Saburo Haruno have just graduated from the academy. But suddenly, she finds herself pulled into an adventure full of Indians and Ninjas. Naruto and Kiba are back, this time as genins, this is their as they make their way into the world. Even the most self-assured girl needs to be told they're beautiful every once in a while. When people keep avoiding her for seemingly no reason, maybe one Kuroba Kaito could tell her why. What happens when the unexpected occurs on his fifteen birthday and he finds out that he is actually a...? 27All Main 8027Basically, this is a "what if" story. *Seddie*When a lonely heartbroken orphan needs a way out.It's not that she didn't live with a nice lady like Melissa Carmella and her kids. A beautiful, elegant killer who you never saw coming. Sometimes, things aren't what they appear, and other times they are. Zander always wins the games, but Stevie is no game. His world's about to get turned upside down by a pretty blonde linguist who's been assigned to work with him for a few months."Michael James Specter," Mike said quietly – so quietly he doubted anyone could hear it. And damn it, if it didn't stir up some sort of emotion within him that he couldn't pinpoint. Uzumaki Naru, the jinkurrkin of Kyuubi no Yoko is adopted by Inuzuka Tsume after the sealing. However when an incident at home forces Lizzy back to Minnesota will she find friendship, love, or the reason why she switched to playing ball. Then Kyouya shows up and flips her entire view on what defines perfection upside down, pulling her head first into an adventure along the way. After seeing so many generations of unfulfilled ponies, Princess Celestia decides to do something about it."Ha sometimes you're such a blonde, Kim! The guardians seem to be less honest than Tsuna originally thought. They have now taken the first step on the path that will lead them into the adventure of a lifetime. Oruku Sukari has lived a hard and painful life under the care of John Bishop. Benny and Ethan have been friends since they were six years old, but now Benny slowly begins to realize that maybe there's something more than friendship in his feelings for Ethan. Something little can end up meaning so much to a pony, just as one little moment can lead to a whole new situation. D missions, trips to Suna, and jealousy reign supreme, as these two 'mates' are in for a lot of firsts. What if Reid's gunsot wound in "Facelss, Nameless" was a bit more serious? Death the Kid needs a swimming partner, and who better than the ever-athletic Maka Albarn? She climbs to the top of a water tower, hoping to end her misery.Now, she's been transported to the digital world along with 5 other kids, their spirits, and the expectation to save it. Kyouyax Oc Katya Kitty runs away form her step-parents after an awful incident occurs! Why cops aren't involved and find out whether or not a hot headed hot bodied . In a humor packed, love shacked, adventure sacked Story! Her day couldn't already get any worse, and it was that guy's entire fault. She didn't squeal when they walked by, or faint with a swoon when they smiled in her direction. Tsuna meets Yamamoto who turns out to be the incarnation of Asari, the person Giotto has been looking for... Tenzin asks questions and Bolin gives giant bear-hugs while Korra and Mako wonder what the future holds in store for the both of them. Erin Langsley moves to London to study and become a writer, but a certain incident causes her to meet Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction. A young girl just trying to save other people from crime has a harder time than superheroes at trying to be a hero. Season 1When a young woman moves into Tintin's old flat, Tintin Is curious to find out more about her. Will this mean a change on their relationship or a step to a new perspective of each other? DISCONTINUEDAn artifact, said to be cursed, was discovered in a Brazilian rain forest. Strange incidents occurring around New York while Tintin and his friends as they're in the city. M for now, may change later on Tintin XOC Please read and review! - A collection of stories revolving around Ray and Stella. With her past shrouded in mystery, will revelations bring with them comfort, or serve to demolish what little peace she had found? While fighting a criminal, a girl intervenes and catches Kaldur's eye. It's basically a bunch of BGx Rev BBx Rae Genderbended snippets that I got from the random word generator. Fifteen-year-old Fievel Mouskewitz is bored with the way his life is going. Until he meets a girl who's investigating the semi-recent murder of her brother. Please R&RTwins Danny and Britney have never been interested in thier family's past.How well will they work with the mute girl on the team? Whether he was aware of it or not, the blame was still his. No, she just watched with cool, thoughtful, uninterested eyes. FULL SUMMARY INSIDEDonnie has invented some watches that can make the turtles humans. I somehow traveled back in time and stumbled upon my sensei's old team. Oh wait, now my life is officially screwed, seeing as how I'm falling in love with Kakashi! Kaka/Femnaru AU Derek Morgan 15, of Chicago is enrolled in CPS with Spencer Reid 10, from Las Vegas. Ethan and Rory catch Benny carving a new crush's name onto the old tree stump. Niall and Erin start to fall for each other, but are afraid that they're only being a dreamer. When the two run into each other at a crime scene the two end up working together on a series of robberies throughout Brussels. First in "The Knight Chronicles" An old friend of our favorite bird becomes part of the team, bringing her baggage with her. I never, EVER want to become like all those girls who fall head-over-heels for him if he even sighs! Tintin, Snowy, the Captain and Professor Calculus go on an adventure to learn more about the object. How can you tell someone how you feel for her if you freeze up whenever you try to? Summary sucks but the story doesn't."Never mind that she'd been fixated on him for weeks. /Post DH: Fred is a ghost with a curse on his head. When sent to the HOA, will they find out a secrect about thier family hidden in the house that may change them forever?With her robotic arm and leg, she becomes a great addition to the team while Tech seeks romantic advice from Ace, who must come to terms with his feelings for Lexi. Stella and her family are spending the summer at a resort but after a near death experiance in which Ray saves Stella, will they learn to LOVE each other or is the fact that Ray is being nice all a big prank to hurt Stella? My first Story, actually a bunch of pointless moments where MXK happens PLZ BE GENTLE! Wanted to write Kaldur a little romance after his best friend stole his girl.Dahlia summers got more then she bargained for when her finger slip and she accidentally answered "Yes" to that mysterious text message. What happens when a certain green haired guy shows up? Tsuna was a transfer student who was constantly being accompanied by a ghost named Giotto. After their kiss, Korra & Mako part ways, heading back to their respective homes. Most likely eventual boy-boy pairing, don't like, don't read. One-Shot* Rated T because of a guy & guy relationship * What happens when Benny does a spell wrong and bounced on his best friend Ethan? A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you're looking down, you can't see something that's above you. Little did she know when she woke up that she would be embarking on such an adventure. It was just a nightmare, a stupid dream, his imagination, for crying out loud! And why were his team-members so determined to find out what his dream was about? This was my first try at a Genderbender, and I find that I liked it.They're my friends, and who knows maybe someday they will be like a family. Edx OC Alx OC ON HIATUS UNTIL REWRITTENMy version of Radio Rebel with my OC, Melody. So, how much would change if she had a few real friends growing up? Big Macintosh finally finds the courage to pursue the mare of his dreams with a gentle nudge or two from some friends. But will this concert experience live up to their expectations? Next thing she knows, she's traveling with an outlaw Absol named, Tsume. But after a series of events unravels her for who she really is, can she count on him to be her rock? Ryoma comes back to Japan to fulfil his promise to Eiji. The Team is pulled into another job, one that could mean the life of the Architect, or the lie that could plunge a CEO and his company into treasonous allegations. After her only guardian dies of old age, fourteen year old Claire is take in by his closest friend; Mori Shintaro. But she wasn't prepared for what came next, the overwhelming sense of loss and the dangerous fallout from the job. She knows how to fight and defend herself, but how does she to keep her secret when she is thrown into the world of digimon, given a female spirit, and faced the one boy she known since childhood?OC/Yamamoto All I wanted was to watch TV, eat my muffin, go to sleep and dream about FMA: Brotherhood. This is based completly on the movie but has other points of view; Melody's and Gabe's instead of Tara's and Gavin's. Please don't be mean on reviews, as I am still new here. But will the hustle and bustle of the Royal City be too much for the humble farm-pony? A girl from a powerful company has been called by a mysterious voice and discovers a whole new world. Can they work together or will something change as feelings start to grow? Their feelings might change after Stella survives a Los Angeles power outage while stuck in an elevator with none other than Niall Horan. And maybe, just maybe, he could be the one to steal her heart. The Young Justice team has two other female members who came in the beginning. And two months later, she finally gets to meet his Grandsons. Aside from the fact that he was the next heir as the Vongola family boss, Sawada Tsunayoshi was raised as a normal teenage boy. So she makes a list of guys who are better than him for Carly to read. What happens when she loses it, and Freddie reads it?

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