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Depending on the DJ or host, you may see a cover charge ranging from zero to (but it’s rare — I don’t recall a single cover charge in 2017).

I have seen a two-drink minimum occasionally at the pool at per drink when there’s been a special DJ.

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You might hear “Fly Like an Eagle” and “Fly Like a G-6” back-to-back, but the emphasis is definitely on the more modern beats.Plus, if you’re looking for just a great Vegas pool party, with celebrity DJs and Hollywood types in the crowd, specials on shots and private cabanas and lots of laughs and drinks and great mingling, the Sapphire Pool and Day Club is all of that too.Sapphire provides free limo transport to their pool party every day that it’s open, which is every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 6 pm from April 21, 2017 into October. Sapphire also has great package deals, including a package that gets you free limo transport from your hotel, free admission, a reserved lounge chair for the day, and a beverage credit.How it works: Just past the pool food concession seating area there’s a backdoor entrance to the Sapphire club where you and the dancer of your choice will be escorted by a pool host.This backdoor entrance leads directly to Sapphire’s VIP room.The Sapphire pool web site will list special events at the pool, celebrity dj’s and hosts, special cover charges, and excellent drink/limo/lounge chair packages (recommended).The pool itself is medium-sized and rectangular—it looks a lot like Mirage’s Bare Pool, though there’s a waterfall fountain at one end that bathers can stand under and get drenched — a great spot for girl-watching.If you’re not renting a lounge or cabana, the only convenient shade you’ll find is at the bar, which is close to the fountain shower.You can order food from the gourmet Mexican restaurant at Sapphire, as well as bar food like wings, burgers, sandwiches, salads, pizza and desserts mostly priced in the - range.See that and other package deals on the Sapphire Pool website here.You check out of your hotel room on a Sunday morning but your flight home isn’t until that night.

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