Ashley cole who is he dating

November 2007: Cheryl has "Mrs C" tattooed on her neck. January 2008: Aimee Walton, a 22-year-old hairdresser from South London, claims a drunken Cole picked her up in a London club and took her back to his flat for sex.

February 17: Cheryl flies to LA where she is "comforted" by Derek Hough, a dancer who has appeared in one of her videos.

A lot of people have foot fetishes, but they wouldn't have them over mine.

They're dainty, they're a size 3, but there's nothing pretty about them."“As long as your hair's looking good and you've got a nice amount of make-up on.

In it, he can be seen awkwardly lingering to the left of the photograph, as his teammates huddle in formation.

It led some followers on Twitter to question whether the former Chelsea star had actually managed to make any friends at his new Italian home.

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