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There are two types of confidence, external confidence and internal confidence.

External confidence is finite, it’s defined by what people perceive about you on the outside.

They were giggling, completely receptive to whatever it was he was talking about, and getting really touchy with him.

His friend came in, who was taller and pretty chiseled.

Developing that killer instinct and having a strong presence takes time but with enough consistent effort, you won’t second guess or doubt your ability to be the best version of yourself.

Internal confidence is genuine, it’s something that’s attractive, and the aim is to learn to build the mindsets and reaffirm to yourself that you’re more than capable of being attractive.

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One of the most common questions I get from guys who email me and even my clients is how to cultivate your confidence.

The latter is internal confidence and in my opinion one of the hardest types of confidence that’s incredibly hard to develop.

It boils down to what you believe about yourself, your values, your belief systems, and the ability to cope and bounce back from the curve balls life throws at you.

I'm sick and tired of reading this question everywhere especially in search engine results. REALITY CHECK: As a woman who has been harassed by unattractive men who would not take no for an answer I must state for the record that hot girls do not sleep with ugly guys.

If you're a man, reading all these stupid links in search engine results about hotter girls wanting to sleep with you is just fueling delusional fantasies and ultimate disappointment (not to mention causing aggravation for hot girls that you're foolishly pursuing)!

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