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I use my cellphone to make international calls once in a blue moon.

I always defend my thearies until I'm blue in the face when a topic crops up among a group of my friends.

At school no one expected me to make such a decision.

Actually a had an opportunity to promote as an education adviser.

And i got very happy Thanks a million for your awesome video!!

Well, my older brother rarely get mad with me, so it was a bolt from the blue when he hit the roof as I had not cleaned up my room after he was blue with the face saying to do so thousands of times. And i think nobody will get '5'- the best mark cause it happen once in the blue moon.

This kind of things don't happen every day but once in a blu moon.

However it was a very difficult choice because my friends told me until there were blue ein the face il could be very risky and they wanted to prevent me fron doing it.

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", she called 5 times until she's blue in the face. Fifteen girls were going to compete for the top-prize -the title of the beauty queen.Tell me about a piece of news which came as a bolt from the blue. Send me a sentence using one or more of these idioms and I'll put my favourites on this page. It really came as a bolt from the blue because I thought that my friend was going to be a kind of eternal bachelor. Well, these things only happen once in a blue moon so I finally made up my mind to go to the ceremony... Last week a close friend of mine told me that he was one to get married that week.At 5 am on 16th November, a friend woke me up for preparing to work. I thought he was just kidding but I looked around and didn't see any motorbike in room. She has hyperthyroidism, but she hardly care about herself. that was A bolt from the blue because pan was empty... The reception announced that the class photos were done, this came as a bolt from the blue.while i hadn't opened my eyes yet, he asked me: "Where's your motorbike? I really hope her condition gets better this we had guest in our home but i didn't know about the guest,then i met him after that i went into kitchen and saw a covered pan....! We really didn't expect them to be ready so quickly.My younger sister never do her homework, so the teacher is blue in the face.Onece a time the teacher saw his student with a boy and he was a bolt from the blue because the boy was his son.Thank you very much for your lessons you make the english quite easy to memorize speacially with your exprission.At 10 o'clock Last night , It was raining , I was watching a good football match on TV, Suddenly I heard a big noise in my TV with light , fire and terrible smell thenmy TV did not work because of the lighting and thunder : It is a bolt from the blue.* In Vietnam, there are so many people sell lottery, and people buy them everyday.I told my brother's to clean his room until I blue in face.One day I woke up and he was cleaned everything, which was a bolt from the blue but this is happen once in a blue moon.

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