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That's not to say that therapy and psychotherapy and even psychiatry isn't necessary in the beginning stages, but to get through the post-traumatic stress I think that's absolutely imperative, but after that work is done I think coaching can really help and the coaching techniques, don't necessarily need a life coach, a psychologist could do these same techniques, to move into the growth stage beyond the stressful part of the trauma.

That's one of the reasons why I really wanted to do this podcast was for an honor of those students of mine who have done this work and I also really want to offer it to those of us who maybe haven't gone through something quite as traumatic as some of my students where their lives were threatened and they were in severe survival mode, but those of us who have gone through things that were incredibly painful and difficult and caused suffering and can we use these same techniques to move beyond those things, and for those of us who maybe haven't had a lot of trauma and want to use these techniques to grow without the trauma.

I really feel like this podcast is for everyone who wants to grow and any of us who have suffered we can use this work to move beyond it.

One of the things that I had talked about, I think it was in my last podcast, was how I feel the suffering of the middle class woman who wants to lose weight I feel is deluded by her ability to pay her bills.

It covers a decade worth of research of life-changing topics from the podcast distilled into only 200 pages.

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Now your host, Master Coach Instructor, Brooke Castillo. there can be post-traumatic stress, which is a very normal reaction to stress, and yet so many of my clients of my clients come to me 10 years, 20 years later and are still dealing with it.I'm not saying that avoidance is a bad thing, temporarily and in fact it is a survival mechanism, it is a way for us to get through something.If we are being raped, if we are being tortured, if we are being starved to death, if we are in the middle of a battlefield, to be present with our emotions and feel what we're feeling is ill advised.Now I wanted to do this podcast, first of all, because I'm thinking about five of my students in particular, five who suffer from post-traumatic stress who have gone through unspeakable things that have come to me and told me how powerful my work has been for them because it doesn't keep them in the post-traumatic stress of retelling the story and re-experiencing it, but it helps them move into the post-traumatic growth piece of that. Yes that happened to you and so what are you making it mean and what do you want to make it mean, and do you want to use that?I do a lot of work with them on how they're telling the story of being a victim and if they want to continue to be victimized.What they are saying is that out of suffering can come growth and can come a growth that maybe would not have happened otherwise.They give many, many examples of people, they give examples of refugees, and holocaust survivors, and people that are in terrible accidents, and people that deal with unspeakable harm that take those experiences and use them to become stronger and to develop more compassion, more empathy, more awareness then they had before those events happened and they may not have developed those same characteristics had they happened.When I heard this idea of post-traumatic growth, I immediately purchased every book I could find on it and so excited to have found these books, and I'm going to give you the names of them and we will have them in the show notes so you can go buy them.One of the books is What Doesn't Kill Us: The New Psychology of Posttraumatic Growth and it's by Stephen Joseph, Ph D.I wanted to do this episode in honor of those folks who have gone through events that have been incredibly painful and difficult; and at the same time, for those who haven’t experienced great trauma but want to use the techniques we discuss here to help them grow.Join us for an exploration of the incredible possibilities that can open up for those willing to do the work and become the hero of their story.

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