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We have a robust network that lives online in our database of our own that has been accumulating. I was more than happy to play wingwoman with him, go to events and help him get his feet wet.He has allowed his confidence to build and he has come back to me and said that he’s been getting out of the friend-zone, meeting women on his own, and has a total sense of confidence now." A mother-daughter matchmaking team, focusing on matching men who are well-educated, well-groomed, financially independent, commitment-minded, and looking for love in all the wrong places.I showed him her picture and profile and he was excited.Then I met with her and it turned out that she worked for one of his clients.We will develop personal relationships with them and take it offline. We develop a trust where our clients feel like we are friends of theirs.Also, we make sure that they look like their photos." We show photos of clients to potential matches and vice versa.

We look at their lifestyle and how they can improve their dating experience. Basically we try to make it dummy-proof." We don’t share phone numbers or photos.That means if they fit with a current client, then they are introduced.I like to compare it to food -- let’s say a woman is really great, but not what a man is looking for right now, even though she’s fabulous.I think a lot of people base judgement on a nano second of seeing a photo.They’ll swipe left on Tinder because his smile was too toothy.Fees: ,000-0,000 up front with Janis; ,000-0,000 with Carly. "First we have men fill out an application on the homepage so we don’t have to ask them 1,000 questions on the phone. Then we set up a phone call and try to weed out the riff-raff. Every day we are having breakfast, lunch, or dinner with potential clients.It’s basically a date with him to hear what he’s looking for and to see if he’s realistic.This is the first introduction I ever set this girl up on." Working with busy professionals interested in serious relationships.Clients range from 30s-60s, with core clientele in the 35-45 range.Of course you should be attracted to a person, but I don’t know if looks matter as much as people think." When you hire a matchmaker, you’re hiring her network and that includes her life.I try to have a diverse group of friends and people who influence me.

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