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I’m liking the game-watching a hell of a lot more, that’s for sure.Callie: I was busy acting when I landed the role before we shot the pilot. We both put our hands out to shake each other’s hands, but just went, ‘Oh never mind! From that moment on, even through that first meal together and then through the course of the pilot, because she was with us in Atlanta every day that we were shooting, I was so grateful just to hang out with her.

During a recent press call, Callie shared what makes Dr. Callie: I think initially the fact that it was a true story and that it was based on a real woman, a real extraordinary woman, is you know why.Even if it’s 2/3 of a scene with my daughter, that scene is equally as important as a 4-page scene with Mehcad.I think the hardest thing for me to master — in terms of shifting jobs like that — is shooting one episode while learning the next episode.Because they’re sort of walking that romance of ‘will they, won’t they? So he’s not quite somebody yet that she can turn to when she needs help.And her mother’s totally off her rocker, so I think that’s part of what pushes the story — in who does she turn to for help? Donna, that it really is one of the things that she works so well with her patients in therapy.I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the script and read it in the first place.Because, to me, that automatically means that a story’s going to be that much more rich and that much more layered — especially in the writing room.Maybe Nico might turn out to be somebody surprisingly that she can turn to. I like that where we find her, in terms of she’s newly divorced and she’s a newly single mom and the job being shifted into new gears — I like that everything at home is still kind of being figured out and that the audience is figuring it out at the same time that she is figuring that out. Callie: I think the things I mostly connect with is the idea of not giving up. The bottom-line really is to not give up on yourself and that’s an ongoing thing that I have in my own life.You have to trust your instincts and just keep trying.It’s new and could have been really scary, but I love it. She has her best friend Jeanette (the genius Amanda Detmer).But I think, in the beginning, her relationship with Marc Blucas’s character Matt, he is not quite yet that person.

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