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My folks couldn’t keep their hands off each other all day, and when we got back, they said they were showing and then going up to the lodge to have a cocktail. Amy and I were told to fend for ourselves for dinner and entertainment. We got on our suits, stole a couple bottles of wine from the fridge and made our way to the Jacuzzi. I opened it up to see a photo of her, butt naked, legs spread open, with my cum dripping out of her pussy. I looked at my sister and she was staring right at my phone. I was fully erect at this point, and tried to hide it with my jacket. But at this point, I wasn’t capable of doing much thinking. I looked at my sister and she was staring straight at it, he mouth open. So I pulled my gym shorts down and up, so that I could see it from my view, but her view was sort of blocked by my hand and my shorts. Once they left, I told Amy I was really sore, and wanted to jump in the Jacuzzi. I don’t have to tell you have sexy Amy looked in her bikini. I was particularly thrilled because the bubbles would block my uncontrollable erections. And in the walk over, the cold from outside made her nipples harden right up.

She had the sweetest tasting pussy you’d ever tasted.

I slid my cock back into her and spread her cheeks so I could see her tiny, cute, pink butthole. When we finally got there, we unloaded the car and made our way to our rooms. I took a few pulls and set it down next to us, half empty.

I licked my finger and gently poked into the butthole, only about an inch. After a good 10 minutes more, I erupted into her warm and soaking wet pussy. “Sorry babe, you know I wish you were coming with.” We spent a little with longer in bed, them moved to her shower, but before long it was time for me to get back to my house to help pack up the car. This was a nice cabin in the mountains, surrounded by snow. She was new to drinking, so by the time we polished off the bottle, she was really drunk. Seeing a possible opportunity, I asked, “Have you never sent a sext? I have been trying to get Johnny to notice me more.

She caught me looking and said, “Hey pervert, eyes forward!

She sat there, seemingly uncomfortable, and then I grabbed my erection and slowly pumped at it. But usually she’s stroking my cock and sucking it.” “Oh god” my sister exhaled as she stuck a finger up her pussy. “You’re just saying that because you’re horny.” “No, I’m really not. We sat in the tub for another minute or so masturbating, not saying anything, but studying each other’s bodies.

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