Click once not updating

element corresponds in Visual Studio to the Update location field on the Updates dialog box of the Publish tab. By using this strategy, the application will attempt to locate and read the deployment manifest file in the background while the application is running.

If an update is available, the next time that the user runs the application, he will be prompted to download and install the update.

Then we gather the detailed information about a possible update and perform some error handling if things don’t go the way we expect.

Here’s the simplest code for checking for an update. Do Work = new Do Work Event Handler(bg Worker_Do Work); bg Worker.Click Once provides two ways to update an application once it is deployed.In the first method, you can configure the Click Once deployment to check automatically for updates at certain intervals. Application Deployment class to check for updates based on an event, such as a user request.In the second method, you can write code that uses the xref: System. The following procedures show some code for performing a programmatic update and also describe how to configure your Click Once deployment to enable programmatic update checks.In order to update a Click Once application programmatically, you must specify a location for updates.This is sometimes referred to as a deployment provider.For more information on setting this property, see Choosing a Click Once Update Strategy. NOTE] You can also use the technique described below to deploy your application from one location but update it from another.The first reason is that it’s plain ugly and annoying. which you can use to force users to upgrade (which is happening in this example, normally you’d give users a choice to update).The second reason is that when an update available but people skip the update process, they’re not asked again for installation of the update, until a new version is deployed. In the default Click Once behavior, this results in automatic update, instead of being asked to update the application. A Click Once application periodically reads its deployment manifest file to see whether updates to the application are available.If available, the new version of the application is downloaded and run.

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