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They have given us an authoritative statement which will be of value as a basis for further discussion and development for many years to come. Sir Alan Bullock, FBA (Chairman), Master of St Catherine's College and Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford.

REG PRENTICE DECEMBER 1974 [page v] 9 September, 1974 Dear Secretary of State, I have the honour to present the Report of the Committee set up by your predecessor, Mrs Thatcher, in 1972 to inquire into the teaching in the schools of reading and the other uses of English. Sister Basil Burbridge, Headmistress, St Margaret Mary Junior and Infant School, Carlisle.

Mrs DMR Hutchcroft, OBE, Headmistress, Saltford Primary School, Bristol.Within this limitation I hope that local authorities and teachers at all levels will look carefully at the recommendations which concern them, as my Department will at those which concern the Government.We are all greatly indebted to Sir Alan Bullock and his colleagues.In fact it will be seen from our terms of reference that reading was not singled out for special attention but was placed in close association with other language skills within the context of teaching the use of English: 'To consider in relation to schools: (a) all aspects of teaching the use of English, including reading, writing, and speech; (b) how present practice might be improved and the role that initial and in-service training might play; (c) to what extent arrangements for monitoring the general level of attainment in these skills can be introduced or improved; and to make recommendations.' These terms of reference have allowed us to base our Report on the important principle that reading must be seen as part of a child's general language development and not as a discrete skill which can be considered in isolation from it.We have, in fact, interpreted our brief as language in education, and have ranged from the growth of language and reading ability in young children to the teaching of English in the secondary school.Indeed, we felt it necessary to begin with the years before a child comes to school and to examine the influence of the home on early language development.It was obvious that we should have to consider some limits to our field of inquiry.[page vii] Dame Muriel Stewart, DBE, Chairman, Schools Council. Appointments shown are those held by members at the time the Committee was constituted.Professor J Wrigley, Professor of Curriculum Research and Development, University of Reading; Director of Studies, Schools Council. The estimated cost of the production of the Report is 95,900, of which 14,700 represents the estimated cost of printing and publication, 68,700 the cost of administration, and 12,500 the travelling and other expenses of members.Mr AJ Puckey, Primary Adviser, Nottinghamshire LEA.Mrs V Southgate Booth, Senior Lecturer in Curriculum Studies, School of Education, University of Manchester.

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