Dating backup guy

I could understand if after the 2nd date, you called her & she got back to you a week later or something but your jumping the gun here way too fast.

"It hasn’t felt right" because YOUR not allowing it too.

If she likes you/wants to see you again, shell say yes.

Just try not to go into it already assuming what the outcome will be.

Short phone conversations, rare emails, a few text messages but very short and to the point. She did tell me she wanted to kiss me on the first date, and both nights told me she had a great time and has always made plans for more, but nothing else.

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Ok, I can see that happening, but how about that and then they don't call again or even a quick text/email to apologize for it and that something came up? Yea it was just two dates but we got to know each other through email and the phone first, and the two dates went so freaking well, that is the kicker.Well you can’t really make that assumption after 2 dates & it has only been 24 hours since you last spoke.Plus she has a child which I am sure takes up a lot of one’s time.So anyway, I feel like I'm being blown off and my next move is to not make one at all.She knows she told me she would call me back, she knows she didn't and has not contacted me about it at all.Obviously this is for a reason, I would feel severely punked out if I resorted to calling her.I don't chase that way, if you act like you want me to go where I go.If she’s interested, she will want to spend more time with you.If she likes you/wants to see you again, she’ll say yes.If anyone thinks I am going about this the wrong way I appreciate hearing it.If she calls and wants to go out I'm all for giving it a chance, I just honestly deep down don't think she is going to.

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