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You can flex your core package to suit your needs, by choosing a higher or lower level of benefit.

Through Dynamic Working, we'll also support you in being a charity volunteer, parent, student, carer - or whatever else you commit time to outside of your professional life.

In most cases, you will receive an email with a link to the provider's website where you will be asked to provide more details.

This information allows our screening provider to start employee background checks and employment verification.

Barclays will match a portion of your contributions to the Plan.

There is no waiting period, and you will begin receiving matching contributions once you enroll.

In the UK, we're required by law to automatically enrol certain employees in a workplace pension scheme.

We‘re striving to create a culture of wellbeing at Barclays, and your health and work/life balance matters to us.

Through the Dynamic working program, you can pursue projects and commitments outside of the office - from charity work to flexible working.

They won't contact you directly, but we will ask you for some personal information to help them start employee background checks and employment verification.

These checks include: Typically, screening checks are performed by a third-party screening provider, such as CARCO.

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