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But he was young, he had a tight upbringing where they didn’t have much… I understood the culture of drinking beer, eating chlebicky, and sitting around talking til 2am. But then 2 years ago, we (including daughter) all went to Czech to visit his home town.

and suddenly, he’s making great money in the United States. Suddenly, the people, sights, sounds, culture absolutely exploded for me.

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Want to meet your significant other in Czech Republic.Sue is my fellow blogging buddy from Atlanta ( who happens to be married to a Czech guy.I asked her if she would be nice enough to jot down some thoughts about this Czech experience from her point of view and here is what she wrote: (great story! ) The first Czech I saw in him is when we initially met.He dressed in expensive clothes, tried to impress me with name brand gifts, and always had to show me what he bought with all the money he was making.He didn’t talk much about home although I asked all the time.As to single men, it’s worth mentioning that they didn’t lose the concept of a ‘real man’.That is to say, they’re good family partners who take care of the finances and life problems.Then join Cupid and discover compatible single men and women.Download our free apps to stay in touch Members already registered: Having relationships with Europeans, Czech singles particularly, has two main peculiarities: extremely beautiful women and real men.The only thing I knew about the Czech Republic was to not call it Czechoslovakia.In the next few years of dating, I saw him go closer and closer to the American way and all but recant his Czech citizenship.

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