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Brochures and tours are available in English (Kaatsheuvel) Eindhoven is an ideal base from where to visit this amazing wonderland of fairytales.

All the family will enjoy this dazzling theme park with its fairytale characters, stories, magic and attractions.

In the Alternative Realm you can enjoy a hair-raising descent on a Swiss toboggan run, go on an exciting boat trip through the Forbidden City or visit the Haunted Castle.

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In the Adventure Realm excitement and sensation are the order of the day - the largest swinging ship in the world is located here, as is the Python, a roller-coaster with two loops and a corkscrew twist.

Eindhoven is most famous for its association with Philips, Holland's first multinational, and it’s attractions include a spectacular indoor karting track and a beautiful park with wonderful attractions and facilities for families.

Philips Light Bulb Factory Here you can see how light bulbs where made in the 19th century.

On this trip we explored the cities of Eindhoven and Arnhem in the southern and eastern regions of the country: EINDHOVEN ( This is a hidden gem located in the southern heart of Holland.

Its wide diversity of modern art and architecture go hand-in-hand with monumental buildings and the city has developed itself into a modern town and centre of fashion, design and technology.

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