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The museum is completely free to look around, and the guides who work there have some great tales to tell about how life in the area has changed over the decades.Kortedala Museum (Två Rum och Kök) Adventsvägen 1 Kortedala Free Sunday noon–3pm Take tram 6, 7 or 11 to Kortedala Allhelgonakyrkan Sweating it out in a sauna is a classic Swedish experience.Bizen Sushi Lantmannagatan 2 Around 95 SEK per person Mon–Fri 11am–around 1pm Take tram 6, 5, or 10 to Göteborg Rambergsvallen Gothenburg’s local heroes, the Frölunda Indians, play their home matches at Scandinavium, a huge indoor stadium just a short walk from the city centre.The atmosphere inside is electric on match nights, with a few thousand fans squeezing their bums onto hard plastic seats for a full hour of frantic puck chasing, all backed up by a relentless onslaught of adverts (and, occasionally, fisticuffs).Games are divided into three periods, and the breaks are just long enough to head for a drink in the downstairs bar.You can’t bring strong beer back into the arena itself, though 3.5% , sold from the popcorn stands outside, is allowed.Jubileumsparken Frihamnen Free Book a slot on the Jubileumsparken website Take bus 16, 45 or 402 to Frihamnsporten Sweden maintained an outwardly neutral stance during the Cold War, but was quietly investing huge resources in defending against potential Russian attacks.

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There’s also a great veggie-friendly restaurant in the same building, and a fun bar down at street level.

Tourist boats run summer trips around Gothenburg’s canals but if you’d rather escape the crowds and still see the city from the water, hire your own kayak.

Point 65 Kayak Center, down by the Barken Viking ship at Lilla Bommen, rents out decent kayaks and lifejackets from 199 SEK per day.

Maybe you’ve already checked out Gothenburg’s main sights and are wondering what’s next.

Or perhaps you’re just keen to avoid the really popular places and find some fun, quirky and offbeat things to do.

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