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Scroll down to know every personal detail of Mesut Ozil right below: Sorry ladies!

Well, it might be sad news for the fans (mainly female fans) that the handsome is no more single.

» weee my first request for Mes heheh » let's get this show on da road » him buying you everything and anything you could possibly want » you not caring so much about the presents, just wanting to kiss and hug him all the time » sending eachother songs » him being either very quiet or almost unbearably loud, there is no inbetween » hanging out with the team sometimes and everybody loving you (Arsenal and die Mannschaft) » but Mesut always being somewhere near you just in case someone tried to flirt » which they wouldn't because he is so happy with you » and makes sure the whole world knows it » long walks in the evening » I have a feeling his hands are soft?

Idk » so yeah, holding hands, playing with each other's fingers and such » kissing your knuckles » huge, king sized bed with a big TV across it » perfect for lazy and cuddly days » after a long and stressful day he'd run you a bath with bubbles, candles and relaxing music in the background » trying weirdest food combinations and new dishes everywhere you go » "Why did I let you talk me into eating that one again?

He confirmed this week that Manchester United were after him before he joined Real Madrid in 2010 and that while he wantedto join Barcelona, then manager Pep Guardiola wasn't interested.

The superstar has a new book coming out in Germany this month titled The Magic of Football in which he details a number of brilliant encounters and thrilling incidents, including a FURIOUS bust-up with former Real manager Jose Mourinho.

Sorry to the media but it's time to kill the stories and false headlines now. 😜☝🏼 #fake News @gulseamine A post shared by Mesut Özil (@m10_official) on Sources claim that the couple started dating since last year and is now engaged. Furthermore, there are headlines that the duo will tie the knot next summer.At the moment, he spends quality time with former Miss Turkey 2014, Turkish actress Amine Gulse.There were rumors regarding their relationship previously as well, but Gulse claimed that they were only good friends. As you may have seen my account was hacked this evening 👾👾.But both she and Ozil and have been spotted wearing engagement rings.They also reportedly visited two leading hotels in Istanbul to consider them as possible wedding party locations." » "I can't help it, I'm so irresistible." » cliché rom coms » him getting you a puppy!!!!» and loving your perfume » trying out some winter sports in Germany during holidays and being awful at them » so you just settle with making a snowman or something » snow angels!!!Ozil dated several women before he settled down with Turkish beauty.Back in 2010, Ozil dated Anna Maria Lagerblom but broke up in November 2010.They were most recently at the Huqqa restaurant and shisha cafe in Instanbul's upmarket Kurucesme district.Amine has previously denied there is any relationship between the two of them and that they are just friends.

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