Dating new testament books

Westcott, A General Survey of the History of the Canon of the New Testament (London: Mac Millan, 1855; 6th edition 1889; reprinted, Grand Rapids, 1980).

The omission of Revelation from his list is due to a general reaction against this book in the east after excessive use was made of it by the Montanist cults.

Born near Aquileia, lived in Rome for a time, and spent most of his later life as a monk in Syria and Palestine.

Bishop of Hippo (in the Roman colony on the northern coast of western Africa).

His list was published as part of his Easter Letter in 367. On the omission of Revelation see Cyril of Jerusalem above. An elder in the church in Aquileia (northeast Italy), and a friend of Jerome. Besides the books indicated on the table the list includes the apocryphal Acts of Paul. Not a general council but a regional council of African bishops, much under the influence of Augustine. The list does not have Hebrews, but neither does it have Philippians and 1 and 2 Thessalonians, and so many scholars have supposed that these four books dropped out by an error of transcription, the scribe's eye jumping from the end of the word ephesious (Ephesians) to the end of ebraious (Hebrews). A letter from the bishop of Rome to the bishop of Toulouse. There is further evidence of this first census of 7 BCE in the writings of Tertullian who records the census "taken in Judea by Sentius Saturninus." (2) C.Sentius Saturninus was Legate of Syria from 9 to 6 BCE. 100 to the church in Corinth from the church in Rome, and traditionally ascribed to Clement of Rome.The date of Jesus' birth cannot be placed with certainty. The second person mentioned by Luke for this detective story is one "Cyrenius" who was Publius Sulpicius Quirinius, Roman soldier, senator and consul under Augustus. Bishop of Salamis (isle of Cyprus) from 367 to 402. He was the most learned churchman of his time, and was commissioned by the bishop of Rome to produce an authoritative Latin version (the Vulgate).

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