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What DID surprise me is that, after the initial chemistry rush, Janie settled into a low-intensity pseudo-relationship that didn’t leave her at all satisfied. There’s a huge difference between giving a guy six weeks to choose you over the other women he’s dating… Which is why I wasn’t at all surprised when she met a man only two weeks into our coaching sessions. You win this one by assessing his efforts and concluding that you’re wasting your time."You don’t have to see someone daily, but seeing them at least once during the week and another night over the weekend keeps things moving forward," Carroll continues.And, seeing someone less than that can also have a negative effect he reckons."If you only see someone once every couple of weeks, it's almost like starting all over again from the beginning on each date."By all means follow this guy's advice, he is a psychiatrist after all.I believe guys know faster than women that they want a relationship. This is if the guy hasn’t come out and said he wants a relationship and/or if you need more time to try to win him over. By this time, I think it’s way too long for a guy to not have made a choice.If a guy has been talking to you for a month, he has more than enough information to know if you’re worthy or dating or not. If a guy has not made a choice here, then I don’t think he wants a relationship.

This woman is tearing her hair out because she doesn’t know how to apply my advice. Are you always nice when they call and say “yes” to the date? She needed me to set her straight and show her what her guy was actually thinking. Application of this made-up “rule” is surprisingly simple. He calls, he texts, he emails – you just “mirror” his efforts and give him enthusiasm and warmth every time.

"It’s important to stick to twice a week only so that you have plenty of time away from your new date to give your deepest feelings time to percolate up from your subconscious."These deep feeling are important because they will help you see any issues or problems with your new love interest."I mean, that does make sense if you want to be 'sensible' but what if you just want to go with the flow?

He says hanging out with someone 'too much' at the beginning could cause one partner to get over-excited which could in turn, cause the other to freak out and break things off.

The 6-8-week rule is a standard rule I tell women to use to tell where you stand with someone and when they should expect a relationship. The first week the guy is “feeling you out” and the scenario.

Men usually put you in a category here (often within the first minute of meeting you) and just lets it unfold. The guy is showing a lot of interest still, making sure he put you in the right category, and testing to see if you two have things in common, trying to figure out your value, and if there is more to discover.

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