Dating website for obese people

If by “expired food” you mean food past its healthy safety limits, absolutely NOT!We will only sell quality, nutritious and safe groceries that still have a reasonable window of use past their “display code.” Our prepared meals will still be made fresh on site, and will be good for several days after they’re sold.Customers are always able to purchase healthy prepared meals, cooked on-site by our kitchen staff with fresh ingredients that are delivered each day.You can count on finding entrees, soups, stews and sandwiches.A big thanks to all the readers who continuously comment and share their love stories.

We have an ever growing number of supply partners that can vary day to day.

We believe that food is a precious resource that should never be wasted.

We secure wholesome, nutritious food that is excess or overstocked from grocery stores, food suppliers, manufacturers, restaurants and growers.

Display codes like “sell by”, “use by” and “best by” dates are not food safety dates. Although a point of confusion to most consumers, it is safe to consume food well past these “display code” dates.

“The Dating Game”, a 2014 report from the National Resources Defense Council and Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic points out that these dates are poorly understood and surprisingly under-regulated.

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