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The museum has a wide range of exhibits from various periods throughout history.One of the most memorable exhibits is the underground railway that gave slaves a means of escape from Michigan to Canada.Fort Wayne can be found in West Jefferson and, dating back to 1840, is rightfully named Historic Fort Wayne.A tour of the site includes exploring the old military barracks, dry moat and tunnel as well as the impressive parade ground and the long stone building which was once the Commanding Officer’s House.

Don’t let skeptics put you off visiting Detroit, it may not be Disneyland, but not everyone wants to visit Disneyland, do they?The library has now moved and did so almost a century ago in 1921.Since then it has been the one of the prides of Detroit and a popular tourist attraction.The perfect place to learn about this history, and other defining events within the city, is the Detroit Historical Museum.The Museum is situated on Woodward Avenue opposite the Detroit Institute of Arts and features accurate models of old Detroit railways and streets as well as different exhibitions from various periods throughout the city’s history.This small museum on West Grand Boulevard packs in a lot of history.Between the years of 19 Motown records were produced here and the studio was home to many a legend including Marvin Gaye who recorded a number of hits here.A tour of the estate is a great way to spend a few hours whilst in Detroit and offers a chance to see the man-made lake, pony house, five hundred birdhouses and the impressive hydropower station which allowed the estate to create and use its own power.The property itself is currently undergoing restoration work. The Detroit Tigers baseball team play in Comerica Park but aside from watching a game of baseball, there are plenty of other reasons to visit Comerica Park whilst in Detroit.The museum itself pays homage to the founder of the studio as well as telling the story of the Motown genre and the artists that made it so popular.Although there are many impressive and large skyscrapers lining the river in Detroit, the Renaissance Centre is without a doubt the skyscraper epicenter of the city.

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