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0 may seem like a lot, but Mador assures us "it's really not a big expense." RIG's business model operates much like retail does, with a warehouse and resellers.So a RIG manager sells the exploits both directly and to other resellers for a variety of prices.The share of traffic the buyer gives up depends on how much traffic they accrue.And the gang, when they get the payment traffic, can infect the victim with whatever malware they would like to use."You can see how they advertise malware they would like to sell to each other." It's where hackers and hacking gangs hawk their goods including trojans, bots, and other malicious pieces of software.Mador explained that it's "very difficult to get in" to these forums.

Mador explained that this business model "makes a lot of sense." Buyers don't have to put up any money to cooperate and the gangs rake in a lot of cash for any traffic caught.

Here we see how they advertise their exploit kits and what come with them.

The advertisement is written in Russian, but Trustwave translated the important parts.

The most common business model is that of RIG, which sells its exploits to other gangs who then sell them down the line.

But a new model is emerging that has gangs selling directly to customers.

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