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Instead, be more open to your partner hanging out with other people.

Studies show that 30 days is enough time for emotions to settle (and this period allows time for your ex to possibly miss you). Your ex is not going to want to get back together with you if you’re sad and depressed. You need to convey to the world that your life is in order and that you aren’t depressed. Do whatever you can to set up coffee dates with friends, go to the movies, play video games, or whatever you enjoy.Remember what I said at the beginning of this article – part of getting your ex back involves erasing the “old” you. In fact, it probably downright sucked, and whether you like it or not, the reason it didn’t work out was because you made a mistake that led to your ex breaking up with you. So now you have to erase those memories in your ex’s head.You have to give him or her time so that their emotions for you reset.Again, in the vast majority of cases, attraction is lost due to several behavioral faux pas that stem from one person’s insecurity and lack of confidence. Because if you get your ex back, you simply can’t afford to keep behaving the same way. Regardless of whether you get your ex back or not, it’s important to learn how to develop good habits; your partner will be happier and you will be happier when you do.So before I get to step two, I’m going to list several Universally Unattractive characteristics that kill attraction, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman: I know it may have made you feel uncomfortable when your ex hung out with multiple members of the opposite sex. However, telling your ex that he or she cannot enjoy the company of their friends is not only wrong, it kills sexual attraction.In order for you to build a new relationship with your ex, he or she needs to hit Emotional Zero.Only then will you be able to build a new relationship that is stronger and more vibrant than before.So if I were to sum up this article in just one sentence, it would be this: the key to getting your ex back is to erase the image of the old you, and infuse sexual attraction into a brand new relationship with your ex.Click here to take an interactive quiz to determine your chances of getting your ex back… By now you’re probably thinking, so what did I do to make my ex lose attraction? Chances are, your ex didn’t break up with you because he or she found you physically unattractive.If you feel like you’re a lazy person, there are books and resources to help you eliminate this bad habit from your life.You will often see this trait materialize over time in a relationship. Taking action is important for your well being, not to mention very sexy and attractive to the opposite sex. Sometimes a lack of good chemistry or similar interests can quickly kill the attraction.

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