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While a "Probie", he used to be the butt of Tony Di Nozzo's every joke.Eventually, he became an official agent, then later took over Tony's status and desk as Senior Special Agent when he left in Season 13.Most people consider him to be Gibbs' heir as SAC of the MCRT.He departs NCIS in the Season 13 finale so that he can focus on raising his daughter with Ziva in the wake of Ziva's death.Her regrets follow her, and they truly left their mark.She later transferred from the Southwest Field Office in San Diego to NCIS Headquarters at the behest of Director Vance, and is now the team's profiler and emotional crutch.A federal agent training instructor, Quinn is friends with Gibbs and was once Mc Gee's trainer.Introduced in Season 14 after Gibbs repeatedly shoots down agents to take Tony Di Nozzo's place that she recommended, prompting her to come pay him a visit, which ultimately led to Gibbs not only recruiting Agent Torres, but recruiting her for his team as well.

Ziva's boyfriend and near-fiancee in seasons 8 and 9, and also a CIA field agent. Ziva dumps him after he kills someone in the process of trying to finish up a hit he botched overseas, and Ray is arrested for the murder.Later on, she takes up the arduous task of becoming Abby Scuito's successor. Tony is a former college athlete who decided to become a cop after an incident where he had to leave a girl behind in a burning building while saving her brother.He was recruited to join NCIS by Gibbs from the Baltimore Police Department and has established himself as a highly effective, albeit extremely unorthodox, investigator.Introduced in Season 15, a graduate student at the medical school in New York where Ducky is guest teaching, and stands out as a protege.This budding friendship lets her make her way to the NCIS headquarters, where she proves herself highly valuable.At work, a creepy-as-hell Do D psy-ops expert who's almost a match for Gibbs in the mindgames department.At home, a single mother with a divorce from an abusive husband in the past.She is the barometer by which the mood at NCIS can be judged.If Abby is anything other than her usual cheerful self it means something is most definitely wrong and upsetting her in any way is a guarantee to getting your ass kicked (by her with the rest of Team Gibbs rushing in just as she's finishing up).He has a rather tough managerial style (shaped by his being a boxer when younger) and often butts heads with Gibbs.He's unusual among the cast for having a happy family life, although that's brought to a tragic end by a drive by shooting at his house. Sloane served in Afghanistan, where she was held a prisoner of war and endured vicious torture and watched several friends killed.

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