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Jeff Winger: But for the rest of us it's still a good time to remember that it's good to be nice.

Shirley Bennett: Will you two commit to something for a change? Jeff Winger: Absolutely.[everyone fire their magic weapons at Duncan]Shirley Bennett: You start, Britta.[the characters break out in song]Britta Perry: Christmas time is a time to sing. Annie Edison: Christmas can even be a hannukkah thing. Shirley Bennett: And for a huge percentage of this God-fearing planet it's about the birth of Jesus Christ. Annie Edison: Hanging out with the people you love.

Troy Barnes: Can we sing while we blow Duncan away? Shirley Bennett, Britta Perry, Jeff Winger, Troy Barnes, Annie Edison, Pierce Hawthorne: That's what Christmas is...

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Jeff Winger: Obviously they were practicing while the rest of us went on dates!

The sound of a new can of coffee being opened for the first time. The sound of a book's spine crackling as she opens it. And I can understand if you think us dating would spoil our friendship - sure it worked out for Chandler and Monica, and Cory and Topanga, but it doesn't always work out for everyone. He was funny, and tall (well, taller than her), and smart, and oddly sexy. And to Annie, whose type-A tendencies can have a negative effect on people (even Vaughn; every other sentence out of his mouth had the words "chill out" in it), having someone accept her warts and all is pretty important. She was very pleasantly surprised by the whole experience, so far.

Annie Edison, like most people, has a list of her favorite sounds. She memorized every detail: His hands wrapped around her waist, then moving up to her hair; the faint smell of cologne that probably cost more than her car; the delicious sound of her heart pounding in her ears; the way he tasted slightly of cookies and fruit punch. She put the first thing Jeff said after they broke the kiss out of her mind: "We probably shouldn't have done that.""You're probably right.""I mean, you're close to half my age! But I never acted on it because you were with Vaughn and I was afraid he'd throw a Frisbee at me or write a humiliating song about me or something. Although that song pretty catchy, I loved the follow-up about Pierce. Sure he thinks she's pretty, but he also likes her as is. He seemed stunned for a moment, then kissed her back.

(She couldn't help it, it cracked her up.)A few months ago, she added a new favorite sound: The sound of her heart pounding in her ears as Jeff Winger kissed her in the Quad outside the Transfer Formal (she refused to call it the "Tranny Dance"; that was just stupid). "You're digressing again," she said softly."Sorry," Abed shrugged, the corners of his mouth tugging upward oh-so-slightly, before finally settling into a full-on smile. If you asked Annie about the day she and Abed almost kissed, and she told you it had absolutely no effect on her whatsoever, she would have been lying. "Darn table." She giggled a little bit, suddenly embarrassed and unable to look him in the eye.

She thought about that night often, and how she almost moved to Delaware - for a , you know? But sometimes Pierce was kind of fun - like her crazy uncle Morty that she only sees around Hanukkah. She, too, often wondered what it would be like to kiss him. "I am , Abed, I - ""No, it's okay." He stood up quickly, then helped her to a standing position. ""No, it's fine.""Then," Abed said, tipping her chin up so she had no choice but to look at him, "where were we? I want to stay out of the dorms as much as possible, it's Pavel's boiled cabbage night. I have some pizza coupons, and I just got the new Kickpuncher movie in my Netflix.""I didn't know you liked Kickpuncher. Well, as your new boyfriend it's my duty to have fun learning." Abed's cheeks suddenly turned pinkish. Because the last time I assumed something I ended up with my eyes full of pepper water.""Of course you are," Annie replied, making a mental note to never ask about the pepper water.

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