Jewish speed dating brooklyn ny

“Shamus” is a slang term for policeman or a private investigator.

He hit the arch alright, and slid all the way down one of the arches to his death. “Clair de lune” is the beautiful third movement from Claude Debussy’s piano work called the “Suite bergamasque”. Rapper Ice-T must be sick of having his name come up as an answer in crossword puzzles (I know I am! Ice-T has been interested in acting for decades and made his film debut in the 1984 movie about breakdancing called “Breakin’”.

A mohel is a man who has been trained in the practice of brit milah (circumcision). The brit milah ceremony is performed on male infants when they are 8-days old.

We can use the French phrase “vis-à-vis” as a preposition meaning “compared with”.

A tiki torch is a bamboo torch that’s very commonly used in Tiki culture.

Tiki culture is a relatively modern invention dating from the 20th century, and is the experience created in Polynesian-style restaurants. The reality show “Survivor” is based on a Swedish television series created in 1997 called “Expedition Robinson”.

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