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I did not know anything about Facebook, but the kind invitation was from a friend of mine, and I wanted a look at Facebook.But before I could do that, Facebook asked me to register.I am glad to report that I have now run out of invitations from Facebook.The blood drive seems over, and my invitations are down, once again, to a respectable trickle. A few friends have assured me that I have nothing to fear but my fear.Twitter promises to reward me with being able to communicate with friends, family, and co–workers.I thought the phone was doing a good job of that, as was my face-to-face contact and e-mail, but apparently, I was wrong.I would have to maintain a Plaxo account because the good friends who use it do not, for some reason, use Jhoos, or even Tubely, which claims readiness to put me in touch with its members worldwide right away so I can chat with them.There is no information what we are supposed to be chatting about.

But why were all these invitations coming at the same time? Facebook must have decided it must find, and enlist, anyone who had access to the Internet! I asked a friend who has an active Facebook presence if the site was on a blood drive. I then asked him what miserable luck it took for so many invitations to be coming to me at the same time. And then the simple answer came: location, location, location. I had to obtain a new e-mail address and abandon the one into which all the invitations were pouring. When I had first obtained the ‘offensive’ e-mail address, the strategy was straightforward: my full name, at a domain. I realized I did not want my sudden ‘popularity’ on Facebook to separate me from that plan.I am learning to summon the discipline to distinguish between both sets of tools, and I am not sure I am that strong. These days, I spend a considerable amount of time trying to catch up with my mail and the days’ news.With some relief, I am finally getting smarter about that task by identifying tools that can assemble my favourite online links in one place and update them with one click.I know, I know: I ought to have a Facebook account. According to the legend, it permits people to keep in touch. In this exciting new world, you are no longer limited to people to whom you have blood ties, or have met, or have otherwise been introduced to.Viewed this way, it is not difficult to see the attraction in Facebook: you can be under a tree in a remote corner of our planet, and yet have thousands of friends.I must not neglect Hi5, because some other friends prefer it to Tubely, against which they object because neighbors who signed up later did not answer repeated invitations to chat.The only site left to be set up, upon which I should invest, is a tour guide site.What are sites if there is nobody to keep them in touch with each other?One other thing: Is it just me, or do we need to twitter with the 24-hour rule? 2009, on the contrary, empties the entire world in my direction even before I have gained the confidence that I can filter it to my own description, or that I can swim with the tide.No: I have no doubt that the Internet is a useful tool, but it is also a useful time-wasting tool.

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