Johannesburg dating and sex game

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Then the process is repeated with a bachelor choosing from four possible bachelorettes. (In early episodes, the bachelor went first, and the bachelorette went second).Following this trial run, it later expanded to full national syndication, airing from September 9, 1996 to September 5, 1997, with reruns continuing on some stations until 2001.The show was hosted by Annie Wood (who also served as the show's co-producer) and produced by Ralph Edwards-Stu Billett Productions.The remaining couple had to guess if the correct answer was higher or lower than the answer the first couple gave. Season 2: Both couples were asked the question, and both couples offered an answer.Whichever couple was closest without going over won the game.One was a great guy with whom I seemed to have everything in common, but who just stopped calling; later I heard he'd found a new, younger girlfriend.The other started out as a wonderful romantic, cooking me candlelight dinners and sending me sweet notes, but then told me he "didn't want a romance, just a sexual friendship," which didn't interest me.In the event both couples were over, the winner would be the couple that went over the least.Introduced halfway through the first season, this round reversed the earlier roles, with the original bachelor/bachelorette being interviewed by their prospected mate.The pair that earned the most money during Round 2 won the game, a prize package, and moved on to the Final Bzzz. In the event of a tie, two tiebreakers were used during the show's run.Season 1: One couple was asked a percentage question, and asked to offer an answer.

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