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Asked if she minds that the clothes have been worn by others, she says: "No, not at all.I know they are dry-cleaned, so it is fine." The warming reception towards clothing rental has given the industry legs.She pays 9 a month for a Style Theory subscription, allowing her to rent three outfits at a time and get three more once the first batch is returned."I try to maximise my subscription so I get four deliveries a month and I have new clothes every week," she says."They take care of the dry-cleaning which is great because, after a long event, you just don't want to think about that," she says, adding that renting is kinder on the wallet."If I've to buy a new dress every time, it's such a waste to wear it once and then keep it in the cupboard." "With the same amount, I can rent a few dresses and still look like a million bucks." Subscription-based rental company Style Theory has found a niche in the rental space in Singapore.The 26-year-old, who subscribes to clothing rental service Style Theory, used to spend about to a week on new dresses.Now, the business analyst, who started renting last year, shops only occasionally.

She says: "The sharing economy mentality has led to younger customers who are more accustomed to the likes of sharing a cab with strangers or sharing a stranger's home while on holidays.American news website Business Insider US reported that Rent The Runway earned US0 million (S6.4 million) in revenue last year.Asked why Singaporeans have started renting dresses now, Covetella founder Carol Chen, 35, says shoppers here are becoming more practical in the slow economy. Renting is also a lower financial commitment so people are more willing to be adventurous with different dress styles," says Ms Chen, who started the company in June 2015 out of her living room.According to co-founders Raena Lim, 28, and Chris Halim, 28, the Singapore-based start-up has more than 1,000 subscribers and close to 8,000 people on their waiting list.The company, which started in January last year, gets customers to pay 9 a month for unlimited access to its collection of almost 8,000 clothes. They get to choose another three once they return the previous batch."Renting definitely helped me to cut my shopping budget and save money.I shop about once every two months now," says the bachelorette, who is Indonesian and a Singapore permanent resident.Rent A Dress founder Shuen Chiu, 29, launched her company in Singapore in 2015 as she felt the market here was ready for such a concept."Singaporeans are generally more exposed to these concepts.Regular renter Gursheel Dhillon, 29, rents formal dresses as it is the more practical choice.The Singaporean, who runs a marketing agency, rents a dress from Covetella almost every month for work events and parties.

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