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Developers and product managers work closely with our partners and clients to transform their requirements into solid, innovative solutions.

The hardware comes from our high-tech production plants in Mittenwalde and Trier, Germany. As a value-driven family company, we strive to balance economic, ecological and social interests. Kieback&Peter is committed to people and the environment and operates a certified sustainability management system. Be it planning, construction or operation: We look after their buildings throughout the entire building life cycle.

Christoph Paul Ritzkat joined Kieback&Peter as managing director in January 2017.

In the cover story of the trade magazine “IKZ Energy,” he reveals what attracts him to the new job.

To maintain our independence, our owners are committed to keeping Kieback&Peter under family ownership.Berlin/Mittenwalde, Germany, July 1, 2016 Kieback&Peter celebrates the 20th birthday of its production facilities in Mittenwalde in Germany.The family company from Berlin with 1400 employees worldwide converts buildings into efficient smart buildings.The campaign is sponsored by more than twenty local companies, including well-known brands such as BMW, Bombardier, Cisco, Siemens and General Electric.We will be supporting the tab Expert Forum with expert talks and a trade fair booth in February 2018.The revised EU directive will presumably be adopted in the spring of 2018.In terms of building efficiency, it relies primarily on smart, interconnected systems.The collaborating partners are also planning mutual pilot projects with customers.Their interdisciplinary teams are set to explore new possibilities in IP-based building automation and develop practicable Io T applications.A "smartness indicator" will measure how smart buildings truly are.In addition to concrete solutions on that topic, the Berlin-based family-owned business will also present its product highlights – including its award-winning management software Qanteon.

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