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Companies in this category are known to spend heavily on customer acquisition.That leaves no margin for error in keeping inventory moving.That proactive approach will make it easier to keep your business growing when supplier problems hit you.In the dotcom era, several companies attempted to make grocery ecommerce work.Yes, Webvan failed to achieve success as a grocery e-tailer despite railing 0 million.

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Learn the early warning signs from these horror stories and you’ll be able to keep your customers coming back for more. First, there’s a real cost for businesses that have to manage that quantity of physical inventory.

At the very start, an untold number of mistakes were made, and the company spent months trying to recover from them.

In order to stock products, the company had to enter information about each item into SAP.

Target, a retailer with nearly 2,000 locations in the USA, recently failed in its expansion to Canada.

The failure cost millions of dollars and badly hurt the company’s reputation.

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