No ip address not updating

The ddclient wiki lists some configurations for several Dynamic DNS services. The following section has been adapted from Dynamic IP servers.

If this is the first time you have installed ddclient, you will be prompted by the installation script for the hostname(s) that you registered with Dyn DNS (or other Dynamic DNS service).

Server will then decrypt the message and verify that sender is an authentic Mikrotik router.This means that your device can automatically get a working domain name, this is useful if your IP address changes often, and you want to always know how to connect to your router.Note: to actually connect to the router using the DNS name provided by cloud server, user must configure router's firewall to permit such access from the WAN port.Name Translation is implemented via a distributed database known as the Domain Name System.DNS name servers which keep track of DNS records and exchange this information between each other to maintain consistency. a web browser) is then directed to one of these name servers.(Default Mikro Tik configuration does not permit access to services such as Web Fig, Win Box etc.from WAN port) After router sends it's IP address to the cloud server, it will stay on the server permanently.Using forwarding rules, an infinite number of URLs can be forwarded to a single dynamic URL.(The primary host that resides at the destination IP address must then resolve the forwarded URLs (using virtual host or .htaccess files) and direct them to the appropriate server on the computer (or LAN).) For this reason, it is only necessary to have one dynamic DNS URL for your computer (or LAN).It is up to you (using virtual host files or Rewrite rules in the .htaccess files of Apache, for example) if you wish to massage the URL at your server (to change it to a canonical name) or redirect it.Starting with Router OS v6.14 Mikro Tik offers a Dynamic DNS name service for Router BOARD devices.

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