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As expected, Cam B improved upon those figures dramatically, kicking out 464 hp at 6,200 rpm and 426 lb-ft of torque at 5,100 rpm.

Longer-duration cams typically sacrifice low-end torque for top end power, and predictably, Cam A held an advantage of 5 to 10 lb-ft of torque from 3,600 to 4,200 rpm.

Not only is a more pedestrian small-block like our 347 much easier on the budget, it’s also more representative of the kind of motor found in your typical street machine.

Furthermore, since engines are merely glorified air pumps, the results gleaned from this cam test could just as well apply to a similarly spec’d 350 small-block Chevy.

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I have reached out to the producers of the video to ask for some of their files to use to expose cub petting and hope to get the chance to educate them a bit about why Black Jaguar White Tiger is NOT a place that should be in possession of big cats either.Even so, how factors like lift, duration, and lobe-separation angle should affect the power curve are often quite different from how they actually impact engine output in real life.Techno babble is fine for message board know-it-alls, but the ultimate truth serum for any camshaft is the liquid that flows through a dyno’s water brake.Choose between thousands of webcams, watch nude girls live and tell them what to do!Find people for sex chat, webcam strip, dating, romance, friendship, and more.The short-block specs on our test mule are rather ordinary, featuring a factory block bored to 4.030 inches, an Eagle 3.400-inch steel crankshaft and rods, and pump-gas–friendly 9.6:1 JE pistons.The 347’s primary breathing apparatus, on the other hand, is quite a bit more impressive.As such, our test subject is about as mainstream as you can get, a 302-based small-block Ford stroked to 347 ci with a projected output of 450 hp.Living in magazineland for too long would lead you to believe that everyone is building 900hp big-blocks or twin-turbo LS1s, but that simply isn’t the case.In fact, the Thumpr produced more torque down low than the smallest cam in the test, in addition to posting the highest peak output of 466 hp at 6,300 rpm.Peak output aside, the Thumpr trounced the 232/240-at-.050 grind by a large margin in the area-under-the-curve department, holding a 10-15 hp advantage throughout the majority of the power curve.

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