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Lots of girls love justin bieber, and thats why we’ve got dress up games and all sorts of other girls games about him.But if you want to try something else, we have cooking games, design games and lots more!He hardly looks older than a baby and he's got a voice like a girl, and he's at least supposed to be a boy.Some teen girls like him and some girls absolutely hate him with all the hate they have. More to the point - if you met Justin Bieber, would he like or hate you? Our sources tell us they've only been seeing each other for a little over a month -- though that's a lot in Bieber's world. Not for himself, which he wants people to like him for himself. But you must prove him you really know everything about his life and music, if you want him to like you!

Justin Bieber's moved on to a new Hailey -- different spelling though because he's now dating singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld ... We're told they were introduced by pastor Carl Lentz. Last month, JB dropped a giant clue things were heating up between them when he was photographed mid-Face Time with the "Pitch Perfect 2" star.Time to find out if you're a TRUE Justin Bieber fan! But I' live indias small village and I'm only 13 yrs. Until now you could just dread to think that Justin Bieber might like you, or for the fans out there - hate you. Justin may end up not liking you, possibly liking you, loving you, and he might even become your soul mate! You would take a couple pictures to preserve the moment. A romantic dinner and expatica speed dating drive to the mountains. I don't have any good features What type of food would you order if he asked you to order for him? If you are then its time for you to meet your favorite celebrity!Yes, darling you will have a special date today cause Justin heard you are a fan and wants to know you. BUT, would the two of you hit it off if you actually went on a date? You know all about Justin Bieber, you've said you love him more times than anything else lately.Would you have enough in common with Justin Bieber to keep the conversation from grinding to an awkward halt, followed by you just staring dreamily into his eyes (although that doesn't sound THAT bad, does it)? " QUIZ This is important- answer these questions honestly if you want honest results.You already know Justin likes honest and 'real' people...

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