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In this method we encrypt the original image with stream cipher algorithm. Wornell, “Quantization index modulation: a class of provably good meth-ods for digital watermarking and information embedding,” IEEE Transaction on Information Theory, vol. The existing system is when user want to store the data information about all ships in port user will registered in a book to maintain all the data and operations timings about load for this they are keeping one accountant he will do accounts calculation and all the information about entire port. This work presents a new method that combines image cryptography, data hiding and LSB compressing technique for reversible data hiding separately. User can store all the information about ships and loads and also the incoming and outgoing transactions in entire port information.This chip will automatically activated at the time of abnormal activity. B.(2011) , A Critical Study of Selected Classification Algorithms for Liver Disease Diagnosi, International Journal of Database Management Systems (IJDMS), Vol.3, No.2, PP 101-114. R (2011), A Critical Evaluation of Bayesian Classifier for Liver Diagnosis using Bagging and Boosting Methods, International Journal of Engineering Sciences and Technology (IJEST) , Vol.3, No.

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By using NS-2 the performance analysis such as energy, bandwidth etc., are simulated.

Routing may let a congestion happen which is detected by congestion control, but dealing with congestion in reactive manner results in longer delay, and unnecessary packet loss and requires significant overhead if a new route is needed. In this research work ,various intelligent techniques including supervised Artificial Neural Network (ANN) ,unsupervised Artificial Neural Network , Statistical and decision tree based have been applied to classify data related to breast cancer health care obtained from UCI repository site.

Routing should not be only aware of network coding, but also be aware to, network congestion. Effros, “The benefits of coding over routing in a randomized setting,” In Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory June 2003, page 442, Yokohama, Japan, 2003. The various individual models developed are tested and combined together to form ensemble model . B.(2012), A Critical Comparative Study of Liver Patients from USA and INDIA: An Exploratory Analysis, International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Vol.9.

It is an autonomous system in which mobile devices are connected through wireless links and free to move randomly and often act as host as well as router at the same time. The need for content-based image retrieval has increased with increment size and volume of digital images.

Mobile Ad-hoc Network is a collection of wireless devices that can be set up instantly anywhere and anytime without the needs of any pre-existing network infrastructure. Royer, “Ad-hoc on Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocols”, in proceeded 2nd IEEE work shop mobile computing system and applications, new ore leans, Loss Angelis, pp 90-100, February 2011. Touhidul Haque, Leton miah “An Extensive Comparison among DSDV, DSR and AODV Protocols in MANET, “International journal of computer application (0975-8887) Volume 15-no.2, February 2011.

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