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For example, in DAo C, a shadowblade (sb) can get the left axe melee style (LA) and do a particular attack called doublefrost (df) ("An sb with LA can do df") - much too detailed for this document.(Moreover, even in the same game, the dialects can vary tremendously and incomprehensibly between servers.) Created in 2003; words added 2004, 2005.Objects closer are shown in a higher polygon, more graphics-intensive form.

Expansions often are sold on store shelves, in contrast to free downloadable updates. A bug either in the game's code or in the game's design that allows players to give themselves unintended advantages.According to industry sources, grief players are usually about 3% of the player population.Sometimes, grief players' energies can be rerouted into positive directions through the game companies' outreach efforts.[Text by Stormwaltz] PTS, public test server: A game server where regular players can log in and try out upcoming changes before the changes are put on the standard game servers.Helps find unusual bugs, balancing issues, and so on.Anything positive or useful can be called a feature.("It's a bug, not a feature" or the opposite "it's a feature, not a bug" is an oft-used phrase of rebuttal.) fps, frames: frames per second: a measure of game performance.RP server: Role-playing server: A game server (shard/world) in which players are encouraged to role-play. "Stupidcharacter" would not be an RP name) and enforce certain types of public speech.server: the program running on the game company's machine that sends out information about the world and so on.The ability of a player to choose his character's face is a feature.The ability to talk privately with other players is a feature.

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  1. (Tobacco smoke that is alkaline produces an automatic cough reflex when inhaled.) Mass production of cigarettes really got under way in the mid-twenties, with the help of big advertising campaigns that, in further expanding the market, employed such slogans as “Reach for a Lucky instead of a Sweet” and “Blow Some My Way,” by way of encouraging women as well as men to take up the habit.

  2. The most prominent examples can be seen in this genre: explosives will deal low damage to infantry, while Anti-Aircraft cannons can't defend against ground units. After all, if tanks are effective enough against other tanks infantry, then why build anything else?