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In addition to the combat bonus in rough terrain, the Mefal Sefari receives an extra combat bonus when fighting near the Ethiopian capital.

Needless to say, this will make your enemies think twice before attacking your lands!

In 1270 AD, the monarchy that would control Ethiopia for the coming centuries arose under the leadership of Emperor Yekuno Amlak, founder of the Solomonic Dynasty.

The rulers of the Solomonic Dynasty attributed their lineage to the great biblical king Solomon and his queen, Makeda.

Although Ethiopia's unique ability suggests that one play with a low amount of cities, the Faith bonus from the Stele could also become a potential to establish a religion as early as possible by means of expansion.

If one does not wish to utilize the Ethiopians' unique ability, it is possible to create a large and expansive empire with a strong religion.

Ethiopia, Africa's tenth largest nation, covers the majority of the Horn of Africa, nestled along the continent's northeastern coast.

Bisected by the Great Rift Valley, Ethiopia's geography is dominated by highly elevated plateaus and disjointed mountain ranges.

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So to make use of this bonus, keep your empire small and build some military units to defend your lands.

As legend has it, in the 10th century BC, Queen Makeda travelled from her kingdom in Sheba (thought to have formed part of modern Ethiopia) to Israel in an effort to learn from the wisdom of revered king Solomon.

Although accounts differ as to her relationship with Solomon, Makeda later gave birth to a son, Menelik.

Numerous fossil remains have been discovered within the valley, in particular the famous skeleton known as "Lucy," which is estimated to be approximately three million years old.

These early Hominids later developed into the earliest Homo sapiens, who lived throughout Ethiopia in small groups more than 100,000 years ago.

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