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The setting couldn’t have been more breathtaking—a villa overlooking Es Vedrà, the mythically charged, rocky island off the southwestern coast of Ibiza that’s said to be the third-most-magnetic place on the planet.But not even adamantine willpower could overcome the exhaustion that Rihanna was feeling in that moment.It’s all about the work, and it doesn’t come with any excess personal baggage.”On the heels of the insanity of making a blockbuster movie, Rihanna somehow managed to launch Fenty Beauty in collaboration with Kendo, LVMH’s incubator for cool new makeup brands, last September.Leading with a range of foundations that cover a full spectrum of skin tones (there are 40 different shades), the brand shook up the beauty industry in ways few currently within it could have predicted, prompting a broader conversation about inclusivity that had long been ignored.In the dark, soundproofed environment of a recording studio, time is elastic.

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You don’t seem like the dating-app type,” she says as her almond-shaped green eyes peer into my i Phone.The success of her cosmetics line was unprecedented, reportedly racking up a staggering 0 million in sales within 40 days.The wait lists at certain makeup counters continued for months.“She also has this warmth, and when she shines it on you, it makes you feel pretty damn amazing! ” I nod in agreement; psychopaths are not an option. She’s not wrong: This man is scruffy but handsome, age appropriate (36), and appears to be gainfully employed (an actor, not my first choice, but hey, nobody’s perfect). ” (Translation: He’s got all his own hair.) She swipes right, and a message pops up almost instantaneously on the screen: It’s a match!”Before long, we’re on the hunt for potential suitors. After swiping through a dozen profiles or more, she lands on a good one. We both throw our heads back and start screaming with laughter.In January, the two had a rare outing together and were photographed leaving a Grammys after party...apart but around the same time.They just didn't want to be photographed next to each other.Media Take Out News is reporting (so, grain of salt) that Rihanna has ended things with her billionaire boyfriend of over one year, Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel, because she just "gets tired of men sometimes." Same. That's what she does: break[s] men's hearts." There was nothing salacious or explosive about the ending either, the source claimed. She gets tired of men sometimes." Finally, some gossip we know to be true in our hearts. As for the veracity of the rest of the rumor, who knows?"Rihanna and him were together for a while," a source told the outlet. Rihanna and Jameel have kept their relationship very private, and Rihanna has never posted anything about Jameel on her social media.“This guy is too pretty—if you’re pretty, you at least gotta have wrinkles,” Rihanna says, sizing up a male-model type who’s posing bare-chested on a surfboard. But don’t be fooled: The giddy highs and lows of singledom are fast becoming a distant memory for Rihanna. “I used to feel guilty about taking personal time,” she says, “but I also think I never met someone who was worth it before.” Though she’s reluctant to talk about her partner by name, rumors have been swirling around her connection to Hassan Jameel, a young Saudi businessman, since paparazzi photos of her vacationing with a handsome stranger in Spain made the rounds last summer.These recent romantic developments are, however, part of a much bigger sea change for Rihanna, who turned 30 this year. I’m happy.”Still, making those kinds of pivotal lifestyle adjustments isn’t always easy—especially if, like Rihanna, you’ve been on the celebrity treadmill since you were a teenager.

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