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When he returned to the US, he officially unveiled The Trick at the Del Mar skatepark contest in August of that year.

The Mc Twist was a ground-breaking maneuver which took skateboarding to new heights and became essential to winning vert contests in the mid 80s.

The lightning crown and snake were included after a discussion between Mike and artist Vernon Courtlandt Johnson (VCJ) to represent Floridian elements.

This board was initially released in 1984 and went through several iterations to become one of skateboarding's most iconic graphics.

When Hawk turned pro in 1982, in the very middle of skateboarding's dark ages, his first deck graphic was a soaring hawk.By the time that issue hit the streets, Mike was offered an official spot on the Bones Brigade.Mc Gill is best known for his invention of the Mc Twist (a 540° air), which he learned while teaching skateboarding at a Swedish summer camp in 1984.This made sense, not just because Tony was fixated on skating, but also because he was a thin, gangly, hyperactive kid who was athletic and fiercely competitive, but awkward at the time, and his peers developed earlier than he did.Legend has it, he was so small he had to ollie into aerial maneuvers in order to attempt them.Although he was beginning to dominate the few contests skateboarding could muster, his deck sold poorly.The tiny market responded well to Ray Rodriguez's Skull and Sword graphic, however, so for his next deck graphic, Powell-Peralta decided to try another skull.Lance is sponsored by Flip Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Nike skate shoes, Independent Trucks, and Bones Bearings. Read about Lance Mountain in our blog Read the Lance Mountain Interview Mike Mc Gill grew up in Florida, and journeyed to California in 1978 with his buddy Alan Gelfand, who was sponsored by Powell-Peralta.Stacy Peralta flowed Mike some product, and a magazine photographer captured an image of Mc Gill at Marina Del Rey skatepark, which was later picked to be the centerfold in Skateboarder Magazine.Lance's combination of video visibility and contest successes created enough popular demand to earn him a pro model with Powell-Peralta much sooner than expected.He eventually became one of the most popular skaters on the team based on his ability to make difficult maneuvers look easy and accessible to all.

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