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However, ask yourself why a woman would join this site. because they want to meet men, and they want to have a good time!There is nothing wrong with that, and we actually like to think that our male members are far more open-minded than the average men on most dating sites, who would run a mile when they see that a girl has indicated that she has children.Join up and meet other single parents for dating, leading onto friendship or maybe a long term relationship.This website serves those who are single with kids looking for a partner.If you’ve read so far and thought that this site is disparaging to parents, think again.We have a huge amount of respect for single mothers – they have a hard task and we believe they should not be treated as robots whose only remaining function in life is to raise their kids…Many men are put off by a woman who has children from a previous relationship.Everyone has their own views on this, but we really think it depends on what you are looking for.

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You can take as much as you want out of the experience, from a simple fling, to a full blown relationship.Many single mums aren’t looking for a replacement dad for their children.They have been doing perfectly well without a man in their lives, and it would be patronising to think they are automatically looking for someone to father their kids. Many single mothers find it hard to meet men, yet they still have the same urges and desires as any other single woman. after all, we’re here to help them find men to date and have fun with.At least that is what our male members report to us! This is a question many sceptical male members ask us before they use the site: are single mums really very open in the bedroom?Our answer is always the same: it depends on the person.Single Mums and Single Dads are online now in this large online single parent dating site, designed for single parent dating and to bring single mothers and single fathers together.Join up for FREE and meet other single parents for dating, leading onto friendship or maybe a long term relationship.Many single mothers (though not all) feel they have lost their sensuality and are not attractive to men anymore.This is great news for single men, as these women are often attractive and yet are easier to approach than other women, as many men stupidly rule them out.

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