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The conversational phrase list for the passenger ran thus: “Please slow down,” “Please make it cooler,” “Please turn down the radio volume,” and finally, “Can you stop the car? Things can get unexpectedly exciting, so slow down. The first of the city's up to six or more Metro lines may be in operation by 2019-2020 with an extension line for Tan Son Nhat International Airport under consideration.

Before we get into the meat of our Saigon business hotels review, there are two things you should remember never do in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

Dine at an elegant French colonial villa and impress your date by ordering a hot Coca-Cola. ▲ top Saigon’s Tan Son Nhat International Airport ( has had a small facelift.

It’s roomier, marbled, with an Internet & Games Centre and the obligatory cobras pickled in evil looking liqueurs. Best of all, arrivals to Vietnam will notice the absence of any arrival or departure forms.

As for the ladies on mopeds – hop aboard, and your wallet may get a bigger dent than you bargained for.

Slide Show E-mail Page Print Hotel Contacts The country is changing fast.

Also find Bally, Swarovski, COACH, Tag Heuer, Le Sportsac (accessories and handbags), Burberry, Mont Blanc, TUMI, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

The second is hopping on the back of a moped driven by an alluring silken-haired lady in a white ao-dai and long elbow-length gloves.

If you’re not the sort that enjoys rugby scrums and are not intimately related to Mother Teresa, walk on.

Or make arrangements to have your shoes, buttons and dentures mailed back to your mum in a box.

Or simply enjoy a foot massage at Level 3 on the way out at US for a half hour rub.

There's a Burger King here too and an Illy coffee shop. You cannot import coffee here but you can certainly carry it out by the cartload.

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