Updating asp net web site

Raw unless you really know that the content you are writing to the browser is safe and has been escaped properly.

DO: Enable a content security policy, this will prevent your pages from accessing assets it should not be able to access (e.g.

DO: Using an object relational mapper (ORM) or stored procedures is the most effective way of countering the SQL Injection vulnerability.

DO: Use parameterized queries where a direct sql query must be used. In entity frameworks: DO NOT: Concatenate strings anywhere in your code and execute them against your database (Known as dynamic sql).

DO: Run the OWASP Dependency checker against your application as part of your build process and act on any high level vulnerabilities.

[OWASP Dependency Checker] Log On(Log On View Model model, string return Url) { if (Model State.

longer passwords that use the full character set (numbers, symbols and letters) to increase the entropy. Apply the following test: Would you be happy leaving the data on a spreadsheet on a bus for everyone to read. DO NOT: Allow SSL, this is now obsolete DO: Have a strong TLS policy (see SSL Best Practises), use TLS 1.2 wherever possible.

DO: Use a strong encryption routine such as AES-512 where personally identifiable data needs to be restored to it's original format. Assume the attacker can get direct access to your database and protect it accordingly. Then check the configuration using SSL Test DO: Ensure headers are not disclosing information about your application. Remember Me); return Redirect To Local(return Url); ....

DO: Enforce passwords with a minimum complexity that will survive a dictionary attack i.e.

It's been my ‘reference project’ that I use to experiment with ASP.

NET Core as well as Angular, and I've dragged it through all the many versions that started with early previews of ASP. NET Core 1.1 and .csproj, as well an original Angular 1 application dragged through all the way to Angular 4.0.

Windows update can be accessed at Windows Update or from the Windows Update program on a Windows computer.

Individual frameworks can be kept up to date using Nu Get.

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