Updating bathroom tile

The goal is to have your countertop act as a ‘go-between’ between your white sink and almond fixtures.This countertop is a manufactured marble that has a blend of cream, beige and off-white in it – making it a great ‘go-between’ for the almond toilet and tub and the white sink.Mc Gillivray is the host of Income Property and wrote How to Add Value to Your Home.

However, our budget DID allow for 2 bottles of wine which helped me come to terms with the fact that we couldn’t afford to replace it.But I wondered, was the more modern clean look worth the expense? "If it looks dated it indicates that it might not be well taken care of, and it might put potential buyers off." It's the same with those classic blue and pink fixtures, he says."Some people like the retro feel, but they can be a nightmare for resale value." "Two things that are seriously worth considering are frameless glass shower doors and heated floors," says Mc Gillivray."Don't get me wrong, pedestal sinks are nice," he says."But they're really only practical in small powder rooms.As mentioned, I opted for the GODMORGON / BRÅVIKEN vanity, which cost 9 from Ikea.It looks remarkably like the modern high-end vanities that go for thousands of dollars. We went for sink and shower pieces from the European brand Grohe.Get as big a vanity as the room can handle and make sure it's got plenty of storage space." "I've never believed that you have to spend a ton of money to make a room look great and to get a good return on investment," Mc Gillivray reassures."Spend money and invest in high-quality items when it comes to the items you touch everyday — like faucets and hardware." I'm happy to say I took that approach.Chances are that potential buyers will notice the quality brand name, if and when we resell."When it comes to resale value, you always want to keep the major elements clean and simple. But let's be honest, I wasn't selling my place tomorrow and wanted to have a little bit of fun.

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