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When considered by drug class, gastrointestinal drugs with an ACB score of 3 were not distinctively linked to dementia.

If you're able to read IPA you'll find a more accurate pronunciation in the "Pronunciation" column on the right.► We present a history of use also for newly established taxonomic units.► The inventory consists of 195 bacterial species and 69 species of yeasts and molds.Interventions Daily defined doses of anticholinergic drugs coded using the Anticholinergic Cognitive Burden (ACB) scale, in total and grouped by subclass, prescribed 4-20 years before a diagnosis of dementia.Results 14 453 (35%) cases and 86 403 (30%) controls were prescribed at least one anticholinergic drug with an ACB score of 3 (definite anticholinergic activity) during the exposure period.Anticholinergic drugs are indicated for depression, gastrointestinal disorders, Parkinson’s disease, urinary incontinence, epilepsy, and to manage allergies.It is well known that anticholinergics affect cognition,8 and guidelines suggest they are to be avoided among frail older people.9 Use of anticholinergic drugs among people with dementia is recognised as inappropriate by both the Beers and the Screening Tool of Older Persons' potentially inappropriate Prescriptions (STOPP) criteria.1011 Over the past decade, prolonged exposure to anticholinergic drugs has been linked to long term cognitive decline or dementia incidence among community living cohorts and nursing home residents.121314151617 However, these studies have been limited in their ability to determine if the increased risk is specific to the anticholinergic action itself, and whether or not the association is owing to the drugs or the underlying conditions for which they were prescribed.► The inventory covers species of starter cultures and “natural floras”.► Species with a documented beneficial technological purpose are included.Authoritative lists of microorganisms with a documented use in food have therefore come into high demand.One such list was published in 2002 as a result of a joint project between the International Dairy Federation (IDF) and the European Food and Feed Cultures Association (EFFCA).

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