Very shy girl dating

Being shy means you potentially have difficulty with interactions with others, anxiety issues, problems dealing with social situations, etc.

That makes perfect sense to me, but it seems that most people's definition of "shy" is more liberal and broader than that, which is why I was kind of warning people against jumping to such conclusions.

" because he's doing most of the talking (and I'm generally very talkative.)Because of this inconsistency, it was actually hilariously weird for me to see him in a big group setting for the very first time (he took me to a wedding) and only then realize he was actually a quiet person around people who weren't me. The first time I met his family I was shocked how quiet he was being.There are men out there who don't have a negative image of themselves or their bodies or their careers, but simply prefer choosing their words wisely. On the flip side, just because you are outgoing, talkative, and friendly, does not automatically correlate to you being confident.I have met many men and women who have no problem talking and connecting with other people, but their feeling of self-worth is derived from the opinions or acceptance of others.From my perspective as a guy, I don't think shyness should be equated to insecurity and low self-esteem.They both do often show up hand-in-hand a lot of times, but it's not an automatic thing.The first response is someone who can hold a conversation.The second is something no one can bounce off of, and just ends up sucking at conversations.They feel validated by compliments, approval, and affection from other people.There is a difference between being shy and being introverted. I can handle introversion, but not shyness in a partner.Socially awkward guys just don't know what to say, or say things that other people don't know how to respond to.If I came up and started talking about Doctor Who, and you didn't know what that was, you could either respond with "I've never heard of that. " or "Idk what that is," and have an awkward silence afterwards.

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