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Face of the advertising campaign is Brian Shimansky, while photographers are Mert & Marcus.Donatella wanted a man-gladiator for the new campaign, who is fighting for what he wants, fighting for his goals.At first smell I did not like it the va illa was too strong not good for a country with a very hot summer. As far as projection I get it really good, but not the 'fills the whole room' kind of stuff You Tube fragrance reviewers talk about. If someone is sitting next to you at a table they will smell it. Don't listen to the nonsense it's for teens and clubbing. And remember gents, a fragrance don't make the man; a man makes the fragrance. The bottle is gorgeous and well made, suits with the juice inside (mint and vanilla candy). I love mint in mojito drink and food, but not so much in a fragrance, as I am not a fan of "herbal"/"earthy" fragrances, unless it has to be so well blended with other notes.But, as it dried down the minty citrusy comes up creating this wonderful mixture that will give you compliments whoever could smells you. As far as longevity one spray is enough for 4 hours or I don't know more and after shower you will still smell it. The next morning on the way home from the club you will still smell this amazing scent. Ask the question why would you want more projection. Dates, clubbing, pub, intimate situations and whenever you feel like picking up or getting girls' attention or if you just want to smell sexy in front of people for whatever reason. Further don't listen to women that claim they don't like this on a man. Mint and vanilla were the most dominant ones here, more mint than vanilla actually, from the opening, and it was quite synthetic.I was dreaming with having this fragrance for almost a year because I smelled it in a shop, I finally got this fragrance last week because my mom made a trip through Europe and bought a bottle of 200ml for me. now when i hear oceanic, my mind usually goes to salty fragrances. but very much reminds me of a sweet vacationy waterfall.. But after trying it out for a few days I've grown to like it.Yesterday it was valentine's day in the country I live, I wore it some minutes before meeting my girlfriend. Then we went out to take food and bring home (everywhere were full of clients, we didn't want to wait) and when I went though people, I saw women turning their heads and I could notice the sniffs around me, needless to say that this perfume made me feel very good and confident =). I'm here to say that Versace Eros is not JUST for the younger and clubbing crowd! you know when you go on vacation and are left with memories years later? The opening is great with the mint, apple and citrus notes combining for something very promising, the dry down however is where it becomes ordinary, as and when the vanilla and tonka bean kicks in to allude to the sweetness present in the fragrance.a decent powerhouse can go beast mode with extra spray. I think of it more like a modernized aromatic fragrance.u only need about 3, or 4, sprays and this stuff will push out. I guess if you wanna smell different than everybody else, or wanna step out of the norm, or your comfort zone, and try an unusual scent, Versace Eros is the one for you. Burberry Indigo EDT so much better, for its smoothness, freshness and elegance.

Eros is a sublimely soothing "everyday" fragrance for men, that is easily wearable while impossibly offensive, if not over-applied. i can not say enough good things about this fragrance. I would consider this an ambivalent freshie, suited for both day and evening wear. If you don' like 1 Million so don't purchase this scent. 2017 batch longevity:on my skin 16 hrs, projection: 8 hrs. I had a bottle, I sold it after the first wearing because I couldn't even pass the first 10 minutes Have no idea about the complement factor because I could not go and wear it in public. Not something that I'm looking for in a fragrance 0.5 / 10 Versace eros is very unique! A combination of mint and vanilla in a vintage bottle Its sweet but also a little bit fresh.The fragrance was named after Greek god of love and son of goddess Aphrodite – Eros.Inspiration by ancient Greece has lasted since the time when Gianni Versace raised his fashion empire and took goddess Medusa as symbol of the brand to adorn numerous products of the house, among them also the new flacon of men's fragrance Eros.After trying a sample of this, my girlfriend said "ooo I like that." Other days, I'll wear Tom Ford's tobacco vanille, and she doesn't even notice. but it does happen, that's the reason why I'm buying backup bottles now.. as far as my ratings go, its a perfect 10 across the board. i hope this review has helped at least one person.. Well finally got round to purchasing this one after seeing all the ruckus created over it.Take this for what it's worth, but if you're looking for something that just smells good and will get you compliments, pick this one up. we spend so much time in the community game looking and searching, and overlooking certain fragrances, and not giving ones a fair shake.. the next big thing.stop and take a wiff and a sample.. everything you could possibly want in a fragrance, this is it! to me it smells like a sweet, lemony, oceanic bomb. for those that have it, but are uncertain, try spraying your bed sheets before you go to bed.. At first wear it felt like nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary to justify the popularity.When we met, her first comment was : "You smell amazing! The projection is very good and longevity is a monster (it's still on my t-shirt I used yesterday and it will be for days), the smell itself is well described by other reviews and it's amazing (I truly love it! So many guys are missing out on this wonderful fragrance because they believe that!! this would be perfect for that scenario..you like armani code profumo, you might like this. It projects only for the first hour and then sits close to the skin.Eros is for EVERY man 17 to 50 willing to wear a softly sweet men's fragrance--It's that comprehensively well designed!! you could even wear it to work, but i believe there are better options for this, but if you do, please.. they dont smell the same, but share a few qualities.. yes of course they do.i think alot of the time, people are talking out of their ass when they say a fragrance has been reformulated. Longevity for me goes upto the six hours mark (2017 batch).Im excited to wear this in December when the climate is cooler. The dry down was really really sweet (like candy) with vanilla taking over, and in the very end, tonka bean and vetiver stood out.The opening is very prominent with mint and IMO the best part of it is the dry down where there is a sign of youthful vibe from apple,vanilla and a bit sweet from tonka bean appears. Versace Eros in fact is an unique fragrance in a strange way, and it confuses me. The truth is that the opening, the dry down and the end don't quite work out cohesively for my taste.The new perfume Eros is the first in the past five years to be launched and aimed at men.Donatella Versace's desire was to fit the fragrance into the concept of the Versace brand and to depict style and significance of long-lasting design, quality and popularity.

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