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The victim's father told police he received a phone call from Zamora and her husband pleading him not to contact the police.The victim's father declined and ended the call.[RAW VIDEO: Goodyear teacher accused of sex with student says, 'I'd love to go home to my husband']A week later, the boy's father and stepmother spoke out about the arrest of Zamora."You teach your kids there's no such thing as monsters at all," said the father of the victim. Brittany Zamora is a monster."The couple also slammed the administration at Las Brisas Academy for ignoring alleged warning signs and now trying to cover it up."A big thing for us is that we want people to understand, just because it's a boy makes no difference," the boy's father said. It's a 13-year-old child who got taken advantage by a monster."[READ MORE: 'Brittany Zamora is a monster.' Dad, stepmom of student allegedly molested by teacher speak out]The couple may be preparing to file a civil lawsuit against Las Brisas after they said the administration was aware of allegations and rumors of a relationship between the teen and the teacher, but kept the parents in the dark.My Android phone works as a Wi-Fi hotspot as needed with no extra charge.Technically, I’m not supposed to use the function with my service plan, but occasional use in the past hasn’t earned me a hand slap from my carrier yet.Richard Rundhaug said.[RAW VIDEO: Brittany Zamora pleads not guilty in sexual misconduct case]She was a sixth-grade teacher at Las Brisas Academy near 182nd Avenue and Broadway in Goodyear where she began a sexual relationship with one of her male students.Police said a parent discovered text messages between Zamora and the student, indicating sexual activity both on and off campus.[MUG SHOT: 27-year-old Brittany Zamora]The 13-year-old's parents used an app to monitor his phone, according to Lisa Kutis with the Goodyear Police Department."As a result of an app, which alerted the parents to some keywords, they then checked the cell phone and discovered these text messages," Kutis said.I am SO glad that I purchased the Minion Stuart HD Wi Fi Camera this holiday season!

Objectively covering the mobile scene on a full-time basis means I really need devices for all of the major platforms, including the up-and-coming ones as well.Even though my needs are atypical, I know there are a number of folks that do want to use more than one mobile platform. I stand by the idea of using whatever devices best suit your needs, regardless of what’s hip, trendy or popular.For me, Android is best, mainly because I’m deeply embedded in Google’s services for both work and personal use. Apple’s i OS has benefits too; particularly for my gaming and content consumption needs, and that’s where the i Pod touch comes in.The victim said the relationship started in a classroom chat group when Zamora started flirting with him and began sending him naked pictures of herself.After Zamora and her husband discovered the parents' knowledge of the alleged sexual relationship, they began to harass the victim's father, according to court documents.Om touted the benefits of the i Pod touch’s updated camera and imaging capabilities earlier this month and although I don’t take as many pictures as others, I’m looking forward at trying the new 5 megapixel shooter.I’m also an avid Face Time user — my wife and son have i OS products — so the new i Sight camera on the front of the i Pod touch will come in handy, as will the integrated LED flash.Compared to my new i Pad, the i Pod touch won’t be as fast, but it does use the same chip found in the i Phone 4S, so from a performance standpoint, I’m sure my needs will be met.I’m already used to Siri — particularly for adding reminders — on my i Pad and old i Phone 4S, so Siri’s inclusion is welcome.In the meantime, their eyes will be fixated on Zamora's court appearances."I want her to spend the rest of her life in prison," said the boy's father."I want the school to be held accountable for what they've done and change rules and make it to where this can never happen to parents, another parent's child."Click/tap here to download the free azfamily mobile app.

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