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J., and the two eventually share a special moment when they almost kiss at their animal clinic. and Matt's relationship at first, he eventually becomes okay with it since he is so happy with C. It becomes very clear throughout the season that Matt still has feelings for D.J.’s son “are going to come to think of each other as brother and sister.” Executive producer Robert Boyett refers to D. and Kimmy’s collective brood as a “step family” of sorts, meant to reflect the different types of home situations in America today.Staying true to the times is also the reason some of the humor — including a not-so-subtle masturbation joke in Episode 4 — is more risqué than the gags you might have seen on was on the air]. ) — and relive the magic of their original high school romance.

I grew up watching it and became obsessed with every episode. J.'s high school boyfriend Steve Hale returning to woo the eldest Tanner sister. Even if the corniness level was off the charts when Steve and D. relived Ghost's infamous pottery scene while making hamburgers, Steve hanging out in the Tanner-Fuller-Gibbler house just feels right. (Though the show gave fans a Danny Tanner episode, where D. did ask her dad how he knew when it was OK to start dating again.) However, being new to dating again was what led D. to not choose either guy in the final episode of Season 1, considering that Matt was the first person that she agreed to date since her husband Tommy died, she clearly has strong feelings for the sexy vet. Honestly, Steve deserved a better plot than just being divorced and still pining after D. J.'s husband died before Fuller House takes place, the show doesn't really have D. — like her dad on Full House before her — too upset about her deceased spouse. But, like any good Full House fan, of course I want D. Unfortunately for her, things get even more complicated. Shortly after, Matt calls things off with Crystal and professes his love to D. by kissing her in the middle of the Tanner living room. But, this got me thinking, what happened to all of the other actors and actresses who appeared on the series? Below, check out what ALL THE BOYFRIENDS from "Full House" look like today. Fuller House season two was released this weekend, and for many fans, the return offered a lot of closure. can reveal her choice, the men throw out some big news: they've both moved on with other women. He was a kindhearted jock with a big appetite and an endless supply of patience. J.'s sisters, he flew to Disney World because he couldn't stand being away from his girlfriend for even a few days, and he even returned home from college to take D. J.'s husband died, he showed up — not to offer emotional support, but to let her know that whenever she was ready to date again, he was available. This idea is creepy on many levels, but it gets worse when you factor in C. As first boyfriends go, he was pretty perfect — at least on the surface level. Time stood still for the once affable nice guy, and the minute D. clone that Steve had his ex-girlfriend propose to for him in Season 2. tries to normalize Steve's behavior by playing up the idea that D. Not only did we get to meet Joey's wacky family, but D. finally made a choice between Matt and Steve, well, sort of. While Matt has a young, athletic girlfriend named Crystal, Steve is dating a D. While she ultimately picked herself last season, in the first episode of season two she finally makes a decision between the two men in her life.

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