Who is ashelt tisdale dating

The result falls flat and she fails her audition for the troop.

She finally meets Sean, and tells him she is going back to work for her dad, per a promise she made with her dad that if she did not become a professional dancer by the end of the summer that she would work at his hotel.

A flash mob , later identified as "The Mob", shuts down Ocean Drive briefly by cutting off the streets with retro convertibles and dancing on cars to music blasted by DJ Penelope Cleopatra Coleman.

A few complain about their public disturbance, while others praise it.

Sean, who is immediately smitten by her, asks for a beer.

She tells him it's on the house, then heads down to the beach to dance, resulting in a dance battle between the two, but ending with Emily suddenly running off when she sees one of her dad's business partners, Trip.

Sean, in turn, tells her to break the rules, giving her an address and telling her to come there.

Emily does and finds herself at the Miami Museum of Fine Arts, where the paintings and statues come to life, which is work of the Mob.

He, Sean, and Jason work as waiters at the Dimont Hotel, but he gets fired by William for being late to work one day, which fuels his aggression towards him.Emily wants to tell the MOB who her dad is, but is reluctantly convinced by Sean not to.She instead finds out from her dad that there will be a meeting to determine whether the project to develop the strip goes through or not.By telling her to attend, Sean basically reveals to her his participation in the Mob.The next day, Emily persuades Sean to let her take part in their next Mob, which is scheduled to hit a restaurant the following week.When they hurry back to Ricky's, which turns out to be owned by Sean's uncle Ricky, Ricky reveals to them that Emily's dad, a building tycoon, is planning to develop the strip, destroying Ricky's bar, Sean's home, Sean's sister's home and workplace, and many other things.Enraged, Emily storms off to talk to her dad, with Sean following behind her.The flashmob goes well and Eddy admits that Emily did great.They then celebrate at Ricky's, where Sean and Emily salsa together, much to everyone's delight.After they get off work, they sneak into the hotel's beach club, claiming to be guests, not employees.Meanwhile, across the club at the bar, Emily Anderson Kathryn Mc Cormick tries to get the bartender's attention, but ends up preparing her own beer.

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