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Tidwell, who don’t have to look far to see that career options have been greatly depleted.

At its best, the show provides a kind of kicky fun, the good side of cheesy.

So now, what I feel is a huge calling for my life is inspiring people, training people and mentoring people. I always stayed true to whom Mia was and that is why I wrote the book. It's a monthly subscription master class series and mentorship program.

Read the article here, and let me know what you think.

Her three-time Emmy Award-winning routines are still talked about in 2017.

To be doing that with the Joffrey and creating a program is exciting. It's like this really cool underground movement — there's group mentoring, there's private mentoring.

I’m going to create a program that's going to train and develop what the “ultimate artist” is., you have to have kind of a lot of things in your pocket. You get an hour of a master class with me every month and because of the way it's shot, it feels like you're in the studio with me.

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